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Unlocking the Secrets of Body Sculpting Technologies for Achieving Your Ideal Physique

By Joshua Dexheimer on 3/22/23 4:25 PM

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Best Fitness Center Equipment

By Raj Sareen on 9/12/22 7:30 AM

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How to Motivate Your Fitness Center Staff

By Raj Sareen on 9/6/22 7:30 AM

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Commercial Gym Equipment Brands (Updated 2022)

By Michael Glick on 8/30/22 7:30 AM

Updated August 30, 2022 

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3 Ways Body Scanning Technology is Changing the MedSpa Industry

By Raj Sareen on 8/23/22 7:30 AM


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How 3D Body Scanning Is Helping Curb The Effects Of The Pandemic

By Raj Sareen on 8/19/22 7:30 AM


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7 Latest Tech Tools For Medical Spa Treatment

By Raj Sareen on 8/12/22 7:30 AM

In today’s digital world, it’s no surprise that the rapid advancement of technology has transformed almost every industry. Even the medical and healthcare industries aren’t immune to this digital transformation.

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8 Tips for Choosing the Right Gym Equipment

By Raj Sareen on 8/11/22 7:30 AM

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The Top 11 Best Fitness Gadgets Your Gym Needs

By Raj Sareen on 8/10/22 7:00 AM

The Top 11 Best Fitness Gadgets Your Gym Needs

Your social calendar is probably pretty packed if you're anything like us. You might be tempted to see the gym as an optional luxury, but it is much more. Keeping active regularly has benefits that stretch far beyond physical health.

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Posture Assessment Guide For Fitness Gurus

By Tracy Morrell on 8/1/22 7:30 AM

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Gym Etiquette: Do's & Don'ts At Fitness Centers

By Tracy Morrell on 7/29/22 7:30 AM

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9 Biggest Struggles For Gym Owners And How To Address Them

By Tracy Morrell on 7/22/22 7:30 AM

As an owner, you face a lot of gym ownership challenges. You are responsible for the day-to-day operations of your gym, as well as ensuring that your members are getting the most out of their workouts.

This can be a lot to handle, and it's no wonder that many gym owners struggle with certain aspects of their job. In this blog post, we will discuss nine of the biggest struggles gym owners face and how to address them.

If you’re a new gym owner, it may seem like everything is complex and filled with challenges. Owning a gym is not an easy endeavor, but it can be fulfilling and profitable when you know the right way to tackle each problem.

There will be ups and downs along the way, but as long as you are prepared with the right tools, knowledge, and support network, you will succeed. The struggles of a new gym owner in the fitness industry can seem overwhelming at times; however, many have been in your shoes before and succeeded.

You need to know what to expect along the way to tackle each difficulty head-on and come out stronger on the other side. Read on to discover some of the biggest struggles for owners of gyms and how to overcome them!

Finding The Right Staff

One of the biggest struggles gym owners face is finding the right staff. This can be a challenge, as you need to find employees knowledgeable about fitness and are also good with people. You also need to ensure that your staff is appropriately trained and certified to work in a gym setting.

A huge hurdle could be finding good employees as a gym owner. You will need a small staff to keep your gym running smoothly, and you may even need to hire more people as your business grows and expands.

There are many challenges associated with finding good employees for your gym. Some of the struggles you may face include:

Finding A Gym That Is Close To The Right Demographic

You want to hire people who fit the customer base for your gym but who also fit in with your culture. It would be best if you had people who share your philosophy, understand your vision, and are aligned with your values.

Finding A Gym That Has The Right Skill Set

You want people who have the right skill set to help you run your gym. That might mean hiring personal trainers, instructors, or gym managers.

Finding A Gym That Is The Right Price

You want to hire people who are willing to work for what you can afford. You also want to make sure that you are paying people enough that they stay happy and stay with your gym.

Keeping Up With The Latest Trends In Fitness

Another big struggle gym owners fail to do is keeping up with the latest trends in fitness. This can be difficult, as there are always new workout programs and pieces of equipment being released.

It's essential to stay up-to-date on what's going on in the fitness world to offer your members the best possible experience.

A gym management software can help fitness businesses with this task by automating tasks, such as class and gym membership scheduling, equipment maintenance tracking, and employee performance reviews.

With gym management software in place, you can have more time to focus on the latest trends in fitness and less time spent on managing the day-to-day operations of your fitness business.

Member Retention

Fitness clubs have a high rate of member attrition, which means that gym owners need to work on member retention constantly.

Another common struggle gym owners face dealing with member retention. This can be a challenge, as you need to find ways to keep your members coming back to your gym.

You can do this by offering unique classes and programs and providing excellent customer service. Additionally, you need to make sure that your gym is clean and well-maintained so that members feel comfortable working out in it.


Gym owners often struggle with marketing their business. This can be difficult, as you need to find ways to reach potential new members. You can create a strong social media presence and run promotional campaigns.

It would help if you also consider partnering with local businesses to reach a wider audience.

The Struggle To Maintain A Healthy Culture

As an owner of a gym, you will also need to maintain a healthy culture with your staff and members. It is crucial to uphold a certain level of professionalism to keep your customers coming back.

However, it is also vital to create an environment of trust, respect, and openness.

Some of the struggles you may face include:

Finding A Good Balance Between Professionalism And Friendliness

You want to make sure your customers feel welcome and valued, but you also want to maintain a certain level of professionalism. Find the right balance so that your customers feel respected yet welcomed.

Finding A Good Balance Between Structure And Flexibility

You want to make sure that you have structure and consistency so that your gym runs smoothly, but you also want to allow room for flexibility.

Finding A Good Balance Between Customer Service And Member Satisfaction

You want to make sure you provide excellent customer service and make sure your members are satisfied.

The Struggle To Stay Profitable

The struggle to stay profitable is something that every business owner deals with, but it is especially important for gym owners.

You want to make sure you are maximizing profit from every customer who walks through your doors. Some of the struggles you may face include:

Finding The Right Price Point For Memberships

You want to make sure your memberships are priced high enough to keep the doors open and low enough to attract customers.

Finding The Right Price Point For Classes And Personal Training Sessions

You want to make sure your classes and personal training sessions are priced high enough to turn a profit but low enough to be affordable to your customers.

Finding The Right Price Point For Retail Items

You want to make sure your retail items are priced high enough to turn a profit but low enough to attract customers. A personal trainer can help a gym owner with these types of decisions.

Figuring Out How To Price Your Add-On Services

You want to make sure your add-on services are priced high enough to turn a profit but low enough that customers will purchase them.

The Struggle To Attract New Customers

As a new gym owner, you want to make sure you are attracting new customers. The more customers you have, the more money you will be able to make and the better the atmosphere will be.

Some of the struggles you may face include:

Figuring Out Where To Advertise

You want to make sure you are advertising in the right places to reach your target demographic. Your ads should encourage members to come to your gym and see what you have to offer.

Figuring Out How To Get Positive Reviews

You want to make sure you get positive reviews so that potential customers will see them. A business plan would be a great place to start.

Figuring Out How To Get Members To Refer Their Friends

You want to make sure you have a program that incentivizes members to refer their friends and family members.

Equipment Repair Is Always A Struggle

One of the biggest struggles as a new gym owner will be repairing your equipment. You will have a lot of equipment, and some of it will inevitably break down or need to be repaired. Some of the struggles you may face include:

Figuring Out Who To Call When Equipment Breaks Down

You want to make sure you have a list of trusted repair men and women who can repair your equipment when it breaks down. Gym equipment is not cheap, so you want to ensure you get the best possible price on repairs for your fitness center.

Figuring Out What To Do With Broken Pieces

You want to make sure you have an organized way of storing pieces until you get them fixed.

Another big struggle you will face as a gym owner is facility maintenance. You want to make sure your gym is always clean and presentable so that customers will want to come back.

Figuring Out What To Do If Your Warranty Expires

You want to make sure you understand what your warranty covers and what it does not cover so that you are not wasting your money.

Members Won’t Pay Their Dues

Once your gym is open, you will begin to collect monthly membership dues. However, you may notice that some members do not pay their dues or pay them late. Some of the struggles you may face include:

Figuring Out What To Do If A Member Cannot Afford Their Dues

You want to make sure you have a clear policy on what to do if a member cannot afford their dues.

Figuring Out What To Do If A Member Cannot Pay On Time

You want to make sure you have a policy for members who cannot pay on time.

Figuring Out What To Do If A Member Stops Coming To The Gym

You want to make sure you have a policy for members who stop coming to the gym.

Wrapping Up

The common gym owner challenges are finding good employees, maintaining a healthy culture, and staying profitable. The sooner you can tackle these issues, the better prepared you will be to succeed.

The best part about owning a gym is working wherever and whenever you want. All you need is an internet connection and a laptop or computer.

You can set your hours and work as little or as much as you want. It’s the perfect career for people who want to be their boss and set their hours.

If you are a gym owner struggling with one or more of these issues, don't despair. There are ways to address each of these challenges so that you can run a successful gym. By following the tips in this blog post, you will be on your way to overcoming the struggles that gym owners face.

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Fitness Marketing: Ideas To Attract Gym Members

By Tracy Morrell on 7/15/22 7:30 AM

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Styku Industry Report: Is Fitness Essential & How Do We Prove It?

By Raj Sareen on 7/14/22 1:59 PM

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The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the vulnerabilities of human lives and modern healthcare infrastructure. Everyone was caught off guard. Hospitals were overloaded, governments panicked, and even the WHO (World Health Organization) had conflicting bulletins on how we could combat the virus turned pandemic. But if there is one thing that this pandemic has taught us, it is crucial to invest in one's health and maintenance.

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The Top 11 Luxury Gym Equipment Brands

By Tracy Morrell on 7/13/22 7:30 AM

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How Technology Is Changing Athletic Training

By Tracy Morrell on 7/1/22 7:30 AM

As an athletic trainer, you are on the front lines of injury prevention and care, so it's no surprise they are always looking for ways to improve their craft.

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Pros and Cons of Owning a 24-Hour Access Gym

By Tracy Morrell on 6/22/22 7:30 AM

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How To Engage Older Fitness Center Members: Fun And Effective Ideas

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How To Increase Your Gym Revenue Streams

By Michael Glick on 5/27/22 7:00 AM

Running a gym is tough, but the reward of helping people achieve their fitness goals can often make it worthwhile. 

However, as anyone who has done this for any length of time knows, running a gym isn't always about working out with clients and helping them reach their goals. Sometimes you need to do some research or think outside of the box for ideas on increasing your gym revenue streams.

Are you looking for ways to increase your gym's revenue streams? If so, you're in luck! These tactics include offering new services, increasing your membership fees, selling products and supplements, holding events, and marketing your gym business.

By implementing these strategies, you can watch your bottom line grow!     

In this blog post, we will discuss five different ways to bring in more money for your gym.

What Are The Revenue Streams For A Gym?

As a gym owner, you may have several revenue streams coming in from your business. Here are some of the common types:

Monthly Membership Payments

A monthly membership is usually where most of your revenue comes from as people continue to pay month after month for their membership agreement. 

It's also essential to offer monthly memberships as it allows you to create a regular cash flow to cover other costs. You can also implement a contract for your memberships to make it more enticing.

Day Passes and Trial Offers

Day passes and trial offers are ways for you to generate income from those who are just visiting or want to try out the gym's facilities before committing themselves long-term.

Personal Training

This is where personal training fees are used to generate additional revenue.

It may also be that you have a list of members who can pay their own way with personal training sessions, which becomes another revenue source.

Group Training

This is done in partnership with your personal trainers to provide group sessions. As opposed to one-on-one personal training, it may be that the gym provides certain equipment and support (the trainer will make sure they are safe), but everyone decides on what they want to do during the group session, and the personal trainer will work with them.                

Supplement Shop

This is where your members and clients can buy supplements like protein powder that you get a commission on every time something is sold in your supplement store.

It's not always part of a revenue stream but an income-generating side project to sell supplements for people training hard.


This is where you have an opportunity to become part of a group or franchise that specializes in a particular sport, activity, or facility.

This arrangement could potentially provide numerous access points for your members and an additional revenue stream for you to tap into.  

Retail Store

This is where you can sell other products like clothes, shoes, and sports equipment.

The revenue here may vary as people buy certain products for different reasons (e.g., gym members will buy sporting goods to continue training after hours or on the weekends).

Regardless of why they buy, it's another revenue stream to tap into if you have a retail store.

Website Advertising

This is where you sell your web advertising space to companies who want to promote their business. You’ll increase revenue by getting more clients for them.

This could be done in pay per click or pay per thousand impressions. You can also get sponsorship for this or trade your advertising with other businesses in exchange for another form of marketing.

The list is not limited to these options, and you may think of other ways to add more revenue streams. It's important to look at the available types of income streams and use them as a way to increase income from your business.                           

How Offering New Services Can Increase Your Gym's Revenue Streams

When growing your business, always be on the lookout for new ways to increase revenue without increasing overhead.

If you want to grow your gym's membership and improve member retention, consider offering services that did not exist before.

Whether it's a massage service, yoga, or group fitness classes, find out what would work for your market and give it a try.

Here Are Some Ideas to Increase Your Gym's Revenue Streams

1. Yoga, Pilates, and Group Fitness Classes

Having yoga or group fitness classes is trendy in the industry.

Offering these classes will not only help you improve member retention but attract new members as well.

2. Tanning Sales

Many gyms already offer tanning beds, which are popular with many members. If you're considering adding tanning to your facility's services, make sure you hire properly trained staff and follow the local laws governing the use of these facilities.

3. Massage Therapy

Offering spa services broadens your revenue stream allowing for an increased demand throughout the year. A massage is a great way for your clients to relax, improve circulation, and reduce stress.

4. Weight Loss Programs

Many gym members want to lose weight. These members can benefit from a program designed specifically for them by your staff.

Weight loss programs will attract new members and give the current member base another reason to stay with your club.

5. Nutrition Consultations

Nutrition is essential for overall health, conditioning, and weight loss. Many people do not know where to begin with their nutrition goals, resulting in frustration and lack of results.

Offer members nutrition consultations to help them accomplish their goals for overall wellness.

6. Kids' Gyms

Offering an area for kids is another way to increase revenue without increasing overhead.

Offering kids a convenient area to play will give you another reason for families to join your gym.

7. Spa Services

Offering spa services in your athletic club is another great source of revenue that will attract new members and increase member retention.

A sauna, whirlpool, or steam room are easy additions to your facility that benefit current members.

8. Mobile App 

Your members would love to access their workouts and personal training sessions on their mobile devices.

This is yet another way to market your club because your mobile app will allow you to contact your member base directly without paying expensive marketing companies.

By adding new services, you will target other markets and give people the opportunity to see all that your gym has to offer.

9. 3D Body Scanning Services 

Offering 3D body scanning services is a great way to increase your gym's revenue. This type of service allows members to see their bodies in three dimensions, which can help them to track their progress and set new fitness goals. In addition, 3D body scanning can be used to create custom workout plans and nutrition programs.

What Type of Gym Is the Most Profitable?

The most profitable type of gym is the one that has a diverse membership base and knows how to generate revenue from all of its members.

You can then factor in new members and retention rates. Studies show that the average member stays at a gym for two years.

A study conducted by IDEA Health & Fitness Association showed the top three gyms in the U.S. generated combined revenue of 4 billion dollars in 2011.

The Spa

The gym with the highest annual membership fee was The Spa at Montage Deer Valley, which charges $9,900 to join and an additional $6,300 yearly along with a mandatory meal plan that costs another $2,500 per year for a total cost of $18,800 per year.

The 100 Club

The 100 club is another private luxury gym in SoHo that charges $2,000 to join and an additional $1,500 yearly, along with a mandatory meal plan that costs another $750 for a total cost of $3,250 per year.

The Club

The third highest membership fee belonged to The Club at Arrowood, which has a $14,500 initiation fee and an additional $3,400 yearly along with a mandatory meal plan that costs another $1,000 for a total cost of $18,900 per year.

According to industry sources, the average membership fee in the entire country is about $55 monthly.

For gyms that are not on the high-end of the spectrum, it is good practice to have a diverse revenue stream from fees and monthly memberships.

A survey conducted by IDEA found that more than half of Americans who exercise at a gym said they did not cancel their membership over the past year because they were unwilling to pay cancellation fees or did not find another gym.

If you offer a free trial to potential members, at the very least, your goal should be for them to purchase a monthly membership.

If they like the facility and decide that it is the type of place they want to spend time regularly, then it's safe to assume that they will pay for their first month.

This practice will usually gain you a new customer for at least one month to two months. 

How Can the Fitness Industry Be Improved?

There has been a lot of discussion on how to attract new clients

The fitness industry can offer a significant amount more to businesses beyond just being a gym or health club.

Gyms can become profitable fitness businesses by offering additional products and services in addition to attracting members.

These revenue streams are in addition to the traditional membership fees collected. However, once you have a membership base, you can leverage them to increase gym revenue as well as open your business to more clients.


The fitness industry is considered tough competition. But the truth is that there are many ways to make money from this industry.

A profitable fitness center should be built on more than just the number of members.

Offering additional products and services can be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy, as well as a good revenue stream.

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5 Tips for Managing Your Fitness Business

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The fitness industry is booming, and it's never been easier to start your own gym business. Whether you're a personal trainer or an entrepreneur managing a gym, there are many things that you will need to take into consideration when managing your fitness business.

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How to Build a Positive Gym Culture

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Gym culture has a significant impact on client retention at fitness centers across America every single day.

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What are the Advantages of 3D Body Scanning?

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Starting A Fitness Business the Right Way

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Advantages To Opening A Gym

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The Many Benefits Of Corporate Fitness

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The Latest In Gym Management Software

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Gym Staffing Mistakes To Avoid

By Tracy Morrell on 3/10/22 7:00 AM

Are you opening a gym and hiring your own staff? This can be a great way to save money, but it's important to avoid common mistakes gym owners make.

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What Is Successful Fitness Entrepreneurship?

By Joel Lee on 3/3/22 7:00 AM

Successful fitness entrepreneurship is not just about making money. It's also about having a fulfilling life and helping other people live their best lives possible.

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Achieving A Positive ROI: Gym Pricing Strategies

By Michael Glick on 2/24/22 7:00 AM

Making money in the health and fitness industry is no easy task. You need to have a solid business plan, provide great customer service, and offer a quality product or service.

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The Complete Guide: How To Open A Gym The Right Way

By Giselle Naranjo on 2/17/22 7:00 AM

The world of sports is continuously evolving and changing. With society becoming more and more health-conscious, the demand for gyms has been on the rise.

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How Does Technology Affect the Promotion of Physical Fitness Programs?

By Tracy Morrell on 12/31/21 7:00 AM

We say that technology is here to make people's lives easier. Before fun and leisure, it first and foremost serves to make activities like walking, climbing, traveling, and manufacturing faster, allowing people to exert less effort and conserve their energy. With that said, it can't be denied that technology somehow encouraged a sedentary lifestyle.

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Strategies For Growing Your Medspa Business

By Joel Lee on 12/28/21 7:00 AM

Have you ever wanted to open your own medical spa? If so, then this blog post is for you. There are many things that need to be considered to drive more sales to your med spa business. For example, exactly what marketing strategies should you use? 

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7 Easy Ways To Get More Leads For Your Weightloss Clinic

By Michael Glick on 12/21/21 7:00 AM

Leads are the lifeblood of any business, especially weight loss clinics. This is why it's important to make sure you're constantly getting new leads and following up with those who inquire about your services. But how exactly can you get more leads for your weight loss clinic?

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6 Ways To Add More Protein To Your Diet In A Weight Loss Phase

By Brenda Peralta on 12/17/21 7:00 AM

Protein requirements in a weight loss phase can be very high.  

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What Do People Want in a Gym?

By Michael Glick on 12/7/21 7:00 AM

Gyms are a place where people go to work out and get in shape. They want to know they're going to be comfortable, and the equipment will be of high quality, and that they can find whatever exercises or classes they need. But what do people really want from their gyms?

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Nutritional Coaches: 8 Tips on Keeping Your Clients Happy

By Giselle Naranjo on 12/2/21 7:00 AM

For some, keeping clients happy entails excellent products and customer service. But for fitness professionals, personal trainers, and nutrition coaches, keeping your client or clients happy is more than just having mantras and pinning inspiring quotes and other motivational fitness goals.

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The Ultimate Guide to Engaging Clients for your Fitness Business

By Tracy Morrell on 11/23/21 7:00 AM

With the growing popularity of fitness, your business needs to be able to offer more than just a standard workout regimen. The best way to increase client engagement is by offering an experience that they can't get anywhere else. One of the most popular ways is through personal training sessions. While this may seem like a daunting task at first, there are plenty of benefits associated with adding this service.

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Tips on Framing Feedback for your Personal Training Clients

By Michael Glick on 11/16/21 7:00 AM

Feedback can be tough to give, but it's important for your personal training clients. It helps them identify their strengths and weaknesses so that they can improve. So how do you frame feedback so that it doesn't make the other person feel like they're being attacked?

Topics: personal training
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How Do Gyms Attract Customers

By Tracy Morrell on 11/2/21 7:00 AM

Did you know that in the United States, more than 60 million people are members of a gym? With so many gyms to choose from, it can be difficult for new potential customers to decide which one is right for them. 

7 min read

Why Your Fitness Brand Needs an Online Community

By Giselle Naranjo on 10/29/21 7:00 AM

Do you want to increase your fitness brand's engagement and customer loyalty? If you answered yes, then it's time to start building an online community. This blog post will discuss what a fitness community is and the benefits of having one. We will also provide tips on how business owners can create their own fitness communities in order to expand their businesses and boost engagement rates.

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How a 3D Full Body Scanner Provides Value to Personal Training Programs

By Tracy Morrell on 10/5/21 11:41 PM

There are more competitive fitness centers within a 20-minute drive than ever before. An individual wanting to get their body in shape struggles to know which club to join. This puts personal training programs at risk.

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Weight Scales vs. 3D Body Scanning for Measuring Success

By Giselle Naranjo on 10/1/21 10:22 AM

Gym owners have a challenge on their hands: how to measure the success of their weight loss programs and determine whether they are effective. The compelling idea is to use a modern approach that will give a more precise measurement of body composition rather than just weight loss or gain alone.

8 min read

7 Fitness Center Marketing Tips to Increase Sales

By Tracy Morrell on 9/21/21 7:00 AM

The fitness industry is only getting better, and your gym needs to keep up. While 1 in 5 Americans has a current gym membership, there's a lot you can do to bring more in from your community.

Topics: Fitness Centers
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Insights Your Fitness Center Could Gain from Member Surveys

By Giselle Naranjo on 9/14/21 7:37 AM

The fitness industry is all about improvement. Improving performance, building muscles, losing fat. But what about improving your business?

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7 Brand Boosting Tips for Fitness Centers

By Tracy Morrell on 9/9/21 7:20 AM

The fitness industry is ripped at the seams with brand names — gyms, boot camps, personal coaches, you name it. In reality, though, only a handful of brands are recognized. And those that are have spent years building a solid and loyal customer base.

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Styku vs. Fit3d A 3D Body Scanner Comparison

By Joel Lee on 8/31/21 12:00 PM

Have you ever been frustrated at how little fitness apps and scales can tell you about your own incredible and unique body?

Topics: Technology body composition styku body mass index body fat percentage body fat measurement body scanning HEALTH ASSESSMENTS Fitness Assessment
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What is a Body Composition Scale and How Does it Work?

By Giselle Naranjo on 8/17/21 12:00 PM

2016 study reveals a close relationship between increased abdominal fat and a higher risk of developing chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease. If you are focused on shedding some weight to improve your health, you should keep a close eye on your body composition. Your body composition is the percentage of core components in your body, such as fat, protein, minerals, and body water.

Topics: Fitness Technology styku body fat measurement personal training body scanning HEALTH ASSESSMENTS Fitness Assessment Digital Fitness Fitness Centers
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3D Body Scanners vs. Body Fat Calipers Which is Better

By Tracy Morrell on 8/13/21 12:00 PM

One of the best ways to have honest and productive conversations about a client's overall health is to show them an analysis of their body composition. This analysis determines how much of their body is fat and how much is muscle. The results of these analyses can be used to create personalized fitness plans that drive the results that your clients want to see. 

Topics: health styku body fat measurement body scanning HEALTH ASSESSMENTS Fitness Assessment
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Why Customer Service Is Critical to Fitness Center Success

By Joel Lee on 8/10/21 12:00 PM

Do you get a lot of new gym members but have trouble getting people to come back? Your fitness center success revolves around keeping clients because you can only find so many new people.

Topics: Fitness Fitness Stories gym merchandise Fitness Challenge Gym Equipment Fitness Assessment Digital Fitness Fitness Centers
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12 Simple Tips for Keeping Gym Members Motivated

By Giselle Naranjo on 8/6/21 12:00 PM

24.3% of people are members of one or more fitness clubs in their area, but the downside is people on average only stay members for a max of four years. If you're a gym owner, one thing that's on your mind is keeping gym members motivated enough to continue coming to the gym.

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10 Top Body Composition Exercises for Transforming Body Shapes

By Giselle Naranjo on 6/17/21 11:05 AM

One of the most important things a trainer has to show their clients is the concept of body composition.

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How to Measure VO2 Max (And Why You Should Be Measuring It)

By Michael Glick on 5/19/21 7:00 AM

If you are a fitness fiend who's interested in maxing out on their athletic capabilities or their client's, then you need to learn how to measure VO2 max.

Topics: body mass index
7 min read

BMR vs. RMR How Should Your Fitness Center Be Tracking Them

By Joel Lee on 5/12/21 7:00 AM

Do you wonder how many customers will drop out of your fitness program in the next 90-days?

Topics: body mass index body fat percentage
8 min read

10 Top Virtual Training Softwares For Your Fitness Center

By Michael Glick on 5/5/21 7:00 AM

The global wellness industry is worth over three trillion dollars. One thing that has powered this industry through the Covid-19 pandemic is the increased use of virtual training software. 

Topics: new technology
8 min read

What is a Passport Program and Should Your Fitness Center Join One?

By Giselle Naranjo on 4/28/21 7:00 AM

In the current environment, gym owners must leverage every tool possible to promote increased membership.

Topics: Fitness Centers
7 min read

What Is IHRSA and How Do They Help Fitness Centers?

By Michael Glick on 4/21/21 7:00 AM

In nearly every industry, there are one or more associations dedicated to promoting the welfare of a given vertical.

Topics: Fitness Centers
9 min read

12 Leading Digital Fitness Center Equipment for Your Gym

By Joel Lee on 4/15/21 10:54 PM

There’s a lot of misinformation in the fitness space. However, technology can help gym owners and clients distinguish fact from fiction.

Topics: Gym Equipment Digital Fitness
7 min read

5 Things Every Fitness Assessment Should Include

By Michael Glick on 4/7/21 6:00 AM

As the owner of a fitness business, you need to give a physical fitness assessment to new clients to determine baseline measurements. Long-term clients need interim fitness tests to motivate them. From their progress, you will be able to give them workout plans and make training recommendations.

Topics: Fitness Assessment
8 min read

How Should Your Fitness Center be Conducting a Posture Analysis?

By Giselle Naranjo on 3/31/21 12:00 AM

With the right technique and the latest technology, you can help your clients to achieve desired results.

7 min read

Who Should Sell Personal Training at Your Fitness Center?

By Giselle Naranjo on 3/24/21 12:00 AM

You can increase personal training revenue by creating a solid plan. Your plan should involve your entire staff. Furthermore, you should offer a variety of training options.

Topics: personal training
8 min read

Different Types of Functional Movement Screens

By Michael Glick on 3/17/21 12:00 AM

You can help your clients reach peak performance with a functional movement screen.

Topics: personal training Fitness Assessment
8 min read

Starting a Gym? Here is What You Need to Know

By Joel Lee on 3/10/21 12:00 AM

There are over 100,000 gyms across the United States. So, how are you going to make yours special?

Topics: Business
7 min read

Who Should Be Conducting Fitness Assessments?

By Giselle Naranjo on 3/7/21 10:40 AM

Clients come to your gym looking for one thing — results. Whether it's making it through that 5K or keeping up with an energetic toddler, everyone brings a unique goal to the gym.

Topics: Fitness Assessment
6 min read

What Is a 3D Body Scanner?

By Giselle Naranjo on 2/24/21 12:00 AM

Are you a fitness center owner looking for a great new service you can offer your members?

Topics: Technology body mass index
7 min read

Styku vs. InBody: A 3D Body Composition Scanner Comparison

By Giselle Naranjo on 2/17/21 12:00 AM

As people draw away from basing their fitness goals only on weight, 3D body scanning has grown in popularity. Many gyms and personal trainers offer body scanning as part of progress tracking. 

Topics: Technology body mass index body scanning HEALTH ASSESSMENTS
7 min read

Styku vs. Shapescale: A 3D Body Scanner Comparison

By Joel Lee on 2/6/21 11:09 AM

Individuals weigh themselves after a week of working out only to see the same old number staring up at them. Traditional scales don't tell individuals the whole story. This can lead to discouragement. 

Topics: Technology body mass index body scanning HEALTH ASSESSMENTS
8 min read

5 Fitness Club Challenge Ideas for Changing Body Composition

By Michael Glick on 2/6/21 11:07 AM

Topics: Fitness Business Fitness Challenge
7 min read

Styku vs. Evolt 360: A 3D Body Scanner Comparison

By Giselle Naranjo on 2/6/21 11:04 AM

Do you really know what you are made of?

Topics: Technology body mass index body fat measurement HEALTH ASSESSMENTS
8 min read

The 8 Top 3D Body Scanners for Fitness Centers in 2021

By Michael Glick on 2/6/21 11:02 AM

If you own a fitness center, you know that exercise is a big business.

Topics: Fitness Technology health body scanning
9 min read

What is Body Composition and How Do You Measure It?

By Raj Sareen on 2/2/21 11:56 AM

According to data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys, the average American adult has between 28% and 40% body fat.

Topics: body composition
5 min read

FITNESS+ Launch & 3 Steps to Staying Competitive in 2021

By Raj Sareen on 12/14/20 1:14 AM

By Raj Sareen
Dec. 14th, 2020

Topics: Fitness body scanning COVID-19 VIRTUAL TRAINING TELEHEALTH covid
5 min read


By Raj Sareen on 3/30/20 1:56 AM

The Pandemic will forever transform the fitness, health, and wellness economy.

So you closed your gym, weight-loss center, studio, or med-spa and you had to let go of your colleagues, and friends. And if you haven't had to make those tough choices, the anxiety that day may come is stressing you out. This is one of the toughest challenges you could ever have as a business owner. But we all know that eventually businesses will open again, and the industry will bounce back. How you spend your time during the lockdown will have a dramatic impact on how well you bounce back. Because things will never go back to normal. There will be a new normal, a new elevated set of expectations, fears, and habits that will inevitably make your industry more competitive. If you think you can simply turn the lights back on, you'll not only lose out on new opportunities, but you could fall behind the competition quickly. So what does the new normal look like?

7 min read

Global Wellness Economy Hits $3 Trillion - Are we getting healthier?

By Raj Sareen on 9/26/18 12:49 AM

Are we making a difference? 

Topics: Fitness Technology BIA body fat mesurements bmi weight loss clinic
4 min read

6 Growth Strategies That Actually Work for Your Health Club

By Raj Sareen on 4/6/18 1:18 PM

Growth Strategies that Actually Work for Your Health Club

Are you interested in leveraging unique ways to procure more leads, bring in more traffic to your fitness center, or increase membership signups? You’re not alone!

Topics: Fitness Technology Insider
3 min read

How to Turn 3D Body Scanning Reports into High ROI Advertisements

By Raj Sareen on 3/20/18 3:49 PM


We know the power of a good progress report. And we know that keeping clients impressed by your services will start by making a dedication to monitoring their progress. The best way to ensure they feel as if they’re a valued customer is to make sure they’re treated like one.

3 min read

How to Merchandise Existing Member Success into Additional Upsells

By Raj Sareen on 3/14/18 12:33 PM


As we’ve mentioned previously, retaining existing members is five times cheaper than going after new ones. Keeping the existing relationships you’ve built with the members you do have is a business tactic most companies focus on, because once the bond is built, they will feel more loyal to you as a gym owner or trainer.

4 min read

How to Use 3D Body Scanning to Convert 6 Week Packages into 18 Week

By Raj Sareen on 3/13/18 11:45 AM

One thing we’ve learned from many gym owners is the effectiveness of offering trial packages (such as 6 weeks). These short, introductory packages are long enough for members to see a change in their body, and really feel out your gym or fitness center.

4 min read

How to Use 3D Body Scanning to Increase Value with Your Packages

By Raj Sareen on 3/6/18 8:28 AM


Very few people will act on a purchase if the value isn’t there.

During the sale, your customer probably has an idea of how much what you offer is actually worth. These influentials can be anything from competitor pricing, personality, past experiences, and is distinctly individual.

1 min read

Thanks, Microsoft!: 1,000 Kinects Added to Inventory

By Raj Sareen on 3/5/18 2:36 PM

Thanks, Microsoft!: 1,000 Kinects Added to Inventory

Microsoft has supplied Styku with an enormous batch of 1,000 new Kinects, despite the announcement of the discontinuation.


Topics: Fitness Business Insider
3 min read

Gold’s Gym and Styku Complete Nationwide Rollout of 3D Body Scanners

By Raj Sareen on 2/27/18 1:45 PM

LOS ANGELES, CA, February 21, 2018 - Gold’s Gym has completed a corporate-wide rollout of 3D body scanning technology in a nationwide program called GOLD’S 3D™ (powered by Styku™). The initiative represents the single largest of its kind in the fitness industry and is another great milestone for the pioneering brand.

4 min read

Club Tours: Improve Your Closing Percentage with These Sales Integrations

By Raj Sareen on 2/27/18 7:17 AM

 The perfect club tour is a key factor in what your customer mulls over before joining.

Topics: Fitness Business Insider
3 min read

How to Plan Floor Space for 3D Body Scanning at Your Club

By Raj Sareen on 2/19/18 5:59 AM

3D body scanners can be a major asset to include in your club. They drive new customers seeking a non-invasive way of tackling fitness goals, they increase current member participation, and are proven to change peoples' bodies. As more and more clubs pop up onto the market, more are utilizing the technology of 3D body scanning to make customers for life. The tricky part is finding the perfect location at your gym for a 3D body scanner.

Topics: Fitness Business Insider
5 min read

6 Ways to Sustain Customers Through New Years' Crowds

By Raj Sareen on 2/12/18 8:00 AM


The initial surge of customers during the New Year is exciting, but sometimes overwhelming. Health and fitness centers are on the forefront of the average person’s brain in the new year. In 2017, getting healthy was the #1 most popular New Year’s resolution. Health and fitness conglomerates like Planet Fitness saw a 79% average increase in new members in January 2017. It’s likely that your business also saw new member sign ups, more turnout for fitness classes, or more inquiries as to what your health center can offer the potential new client. The initial interest is exciting – and its likely that new potential member will join your club. The next steps to keeping them walking through the door are worth your effort in order to sustain all of the new faces.

Topics: Fitness Business
2 min read

Styku Appoints New VP of Sales for North America

By Raj Sareen on 2/4/18 11:12 PM

Styku is proud to introduce Bruce Quickel as the VP of Sales in North America.

4 min read

How Genetics Play a Role in Personal Training

By Raj Sareen on 1/28/18 5:01 PM

How genetics play a role in personal training

Tailoring your workouts to best work for your client's body is nothing the fitness industry hasn’t seen before. In fact, personalized programming to help people who want to tone parts of their body they aren’t quite happy with yet will continue to grow in popularity. But there are other elements besides programming and diet that contribute to your clients' results.

4 min read

7 Investments Every Gym Owner Needs to Max Out Potential

By Raj Sareen on 1/21/18 9:13 PM

Half of the people that join an exercise program will quit in 6 months, so what are you going to do to make them return again and again?

Topics: Fitness Technology Business
4 min read

5 Easy Ways to Measure your Clients Fitness Progress in 2018

By Raj Sareen on 12/26/17 8:47 PM

Keep your customers engaged, motivated, and happy with your services by always monitoring their progress. The best way to ensure they feel as if they’re a valued customer is to make sure they’re treated like one.

Topics: Fitness Technology
4 min read

Why 3d body scanning has become the latest health club necessity

By Raj Sareen on 12/18/17 11:10 PM

As a health club owner, you want to provide your guests with the most beneficial experience. Happy customers will lead to greater turnout, and your club will see in increase in revenue and memberships. You've considered leaderboards. You've hosted cook outs. You've lead more than a few group participation 5Ks. These can all work. Here's why a 3D experience is becoming a necessity.

Topics: Fitness Business
5 min read

5 Tech Trends Shaping the Club Industry in 2018

By Raj Sareen on 12/11/17 12:00 AM

In 2017, we saw spin classes become the new social hangout. HIIT, or high intensity interval training, was a savvy gym-goers favorite way to burn major calories and jumpstart their metabolism. And infrared saunas proved they can help tackle muscle pain and soreness while keeping your heart pumping. It’s safe to say these fitness trends are here to stay. However, for 2018, what can we expect to emerge with a hold on the club industry?

Topics: Fitness Technology Insider
2 min read

Styku Customer Spotlight: Kristi Murphy of Gold's Gym Houston

By Raj Sareen on 12/3/17 7:48 AM

Styku Customer Spotlight with Kristi Murphy of Gold's Gym Houston

Topics: Styku Client Testimonials Business
2 min read

Styku Customer Spotlight with Chris Wharton from Better Body Group

By Raj Sareen on 11/16/17 3:42 PM

Ten years ago Chris Wharton, co-owner of Better Body Group, started his journey with fitness after graduating from Sheffield University with a sports and exercise degree. Shortly after, he began Better Body Group in a humble 600-square-foot building. Though a small beginning, Wharton’s BBG hosts three locations all devoted to building a stronger, healthier client base.

Topics: Styku Client Testimonials Technology Business Fitness Stories
2 min read

Microsoft/HP 15-Year Veteran Joins Styku as CTO

By Raj Sareen on 10/23/17 11:12 PM


Topics: Fitness Technology Business
4 min read

Styku Customer Spotlight with Eric Krouse from Snap Fitness

By Raj Sareen on 9/22/17 1:25 PM

Eric Krouse is the owner and COO of Snap Fitness location in Peachtree Corners, Georgia. With a background in Engineering, Eric is no stranger to new technology and when he heard about Styku, he jumped on the chance to bring it into his new gym. Last week we sat down with Eric to learn more about hisexperience with Styku and how it’s helped to improve the client experience. 

Topics: snapfitness styku new technology
4 min read

4 Ways Your Gym is Getting Fitness Benchmarking All Wrong

By Raj Sareen on 9/20/17 1:24 PM

Not all bodies are created equal, and neither are personal training routines. Fitness benchmarking should reflect that notion.

Over the years, fitness benchmarking has drastically improved as the health and wellness industry continues to expand and grow. As clients pursue their quest for continuous health improvement, many seek professional guidance to measure how their performance and body composition are improving. There are many advanced options you can now offer to clients as fitness benchmarking technology has evolved tremendously over time, providing them with an experience that’s motivating, engaging, and most of all: accurate!

Topics: body composition dexa
3 min read

Styku Around the World at the Forefront of the 3D Body Scanning

By Raj Sareen on 9/10/17 4:46 PM

From Las Vegas to Tokyo, from Lake Tahoe to Toronto, Styku has had a busy summer, traveling around the world, at the forefront of the 3D Body Scanning revolution. Health clubs near and far are seeing how 3D body scanning is helping club members to see their bodies in a whole new way. Check out the events we were able to attend this summer and don't be a stranger when you see us at the next club industry event near you.

2 min read

Why Visualization is Such an Important Part of Fitness Success

By Raj Sareen on 9/6/17 8:03 PM


You might not remember Carli Lloyd, but you should. In 2015 she scored three goals in 16 minutes during the World Cup final against Japan, making her the first woman to score a hat-trick in a World Cup Final. Her secret is visualization; she takes time before each game to visualize various positive scenarios that could take place over the course of a game. The technique has been used by many successful athletes including Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Tiger Woods.

Topics: Fitness
1 min read

Alex Rodriguez Announces Partnership with UFC Gym

By Raj Sareen on 9/1/17 4:56 PM


4 min read

Why Wearable Tech is Failing Fitness Conscious Individuals

By Raj Sareen on 8/18/17 12:42 PM

The sleek piece of wearable tech that you (probably) bought last year, you know the one  that's been helping you monitor your work outs, count calories, and stay in shape. The one that looks super slick on wrist, keeps you on time for meetings, tracks your steps while making you look like a smarter, savvier, sexier version of yourself-well, it's been lying to you. The notion that that fitness trackers and wearable technology have been misrepresenting and miscounting the various metrics associated with healthy living is widespread. From steps taken to calories burned it’s difficult to say whether or not wearables have actually delivered on their promise to provide health specific analytics, and transparency to everyday people.

11 min read

Designing Gyms of The Future With Visionary Cuoco Black

By Raj Sareen on 8/10/17 7:36 AM

Cuoco Black trained his mind before focusing on training his body, but the results were life-changing. A former academic, he felt disappointed by the gyms he frequently visited. He took his background in interior design, and combined it with his love for the fitness industry. Today his work features wildly expressive takes on pop culture that make gym members protagonists in iconic Hollywood movies from Terminator, Rocky and even Star Trek.

We sat down with Cuoco to discuss what he sees as a creative bankruptcy plaguing gym design in the United States. As the designs driving the commercial success of Orange Theory, Soul Cycle, Planet Fitness, and Equinox become the industry norm, Black’s bold aesthetics have made him the goto designer for  emerging gym owners looking to quickly establish a loyal client base. The reason? His project explore new ways of engaging members, and encouraging positive training atmosphere’s that creates fluid relationships between members, staff, and the increasing number of high tech products at their disposal like the Styku 3D body scanner.

Topics: Styku Client Testimonials
1 min read

A History of 3D Body Scanning Technology with Raj Sareen and Trent MacLean

By Raj Sareen on 7/28/17 2:15 PM

Styku Founder and CEO Raj Sareen recently had the pleasure of chatting with Trent MacLean of T² to discuss applications of body scanning in fitness. 3D body scanning has originally been developed for use in the industry, but applications for the technology have been developed in other verticals. 

Topics: Technology
4 min read

How to Wow Prospective Gym Members with 3D Body Scanning

By Raj Sareen on 7/17/17 2:36 PM



For many gyms and fitness centers the hardest part of their business is getting customers in the door. According to International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), more than 12% of gym members join in January, compared to an average of 8.3% per month for the full year. Generally there is always a spike in new memberships right after the new year, however January isn’t the busiest month - it’s March right before the weather warms across the country. For the rest of the year, gym managers rely on a variety of promotions, reduced membership rates, and word of mouth to drive new foot traffic through their doors.

4 min read

Styku Customer Spotlight: Jennifer Hummel, Co-Owner of Catalyst Fit

By Raj Sareen on 6/16/17 3:46 PM


Jennifer Hummel is co-owner of Catalyst Fit- a Richmond, Virginia based fitness boutique. After spending 15 years working at Gold’s Gym and eventually owning a club, she decided to open Catalyst Fit with her partner Jesse Kid to deliver personalized fitness training. We sat down with Jennifer to learn more about her experience working with Styku, and how it’s helped deliver truly custom personal fitness to her clients.

Topics: Styku Client Testimonials
1 min read

People Magazine Names Styku One of the Best Health & Wellness Services

By Raj Sareen on 6/14/17 9:51 AM

Topics: Fitness Stories
3 min read

Styku Debuts as Star of New Cowboys Fit Gym in Frisco, Texas

By Raj Sareen on 5/29/17 7:59 PM

"We've associated ourselves with winners. Real winners." - Jerry Jones, Owner, Dallas Cowboys

 Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones addresses the assembled media at the Cowboys Fit Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at The Star in Frisco.

1 min read

Styku Turns Heads from Around the World at ELEVATE '17 in London

By Raj Sareen on 5/15/17 11:22 AM

Known as "The arena of physical activity, health and performance", ELEVATE is the UK's largest cross-sector event bringing together the physical activity sector, academia, healthcare, policy makers, local authorities, and performance experts to focus on an increasingly important and complex societal challenge: tackling physical inactivity. 

1 min read

Styku Presents at FILEX 2017 in Australia

By Raj Sareen on 5/8/17 4:55 PM

Known widely as the pinnacle live event for the Australian fitness industry, FILEX is a three-day educational conference where more than 2000 people who work in fitness come together to learn from the world's leading health and fitness experts. Styku's Australian Distributor, Synergy and Eye Fitness, took center stage with Styku, the first demonstration of 3D technology at the event. Besides creating a buzz around 3D technology, Two of the top 212 Olympia bodybuilders, Hidetada Yamagishi & Rich Gaspari stopped by and spent some time getting scanned, analyzing body fat, as well as looking for asymmetries in their lean muscle distribution. 

4 min read

Celebrity Trainer Reveals 5 Ways to Run a Perfect Fitness Challenge

By Raj Sareen on 4/12/17 11:50 AM

Grant Roberts, celebrity trainer and the mastermind behind Hilary Swank's transformation for "Million Dollar Baby", reveals 5 key strategies to running a successful fitness challenge. 

Topics: Fitness body composition
1 min read

Styku Video Recaps From IHRSA 2017 & Body Scanning Summit

By Raj Sareen on 3/21/17 4:33 PM


Topics: Fitness Technology Business Insider
1 min read

EXCLUSIVE: Styku Launches Brand New Product Video

By Raj Sareen on 2/2/17 9:00 AM

Topics: Technology Sports body composition health
1 min read

Prestige Fitness Introduces 3D Body Scanning

By Raj Sareen on 1/24/17 1:26 PM


Topics: Fitness Technology health
1 min read

BLOOMBERG: How Body Scanning Became the Latest Health Club Must-Have

By Raj Sareen on 1/3/17 8:00 AM

Pictured: Styku CEO/Founder Raj Sareen

Topics: Fitness Technology Business
1 min read

3D Body Scanning Technology Hits Korean Fitness Market

By Raj Sareen on 12/22/16 12:13 PM


Topics: Fitness Technology Appearances
3 min read

The 3 Biggest Myths About Body Composition

By Raj Sareen on 12/18/16 8:35 PM

There's a ton of misinformation out there about body composition.  But access to the right information can make all the difference in helping you evaluate the right method for your business. 

Topics: Fitness body composition health dexa BIA
14 min read

The Top 7 Ways to Measure Body Composition in a Fitness Center

By Raj Sareen on 12/14/16 8:45 AM

Updated February 2022

Body composition is a term used to describe the percentage of fat and muscle in your body. If you want to know how close you are to your desired weight, or if you need help getting started on a fitness plan, it's important that you understand what body composition means. In this blog post, we will talk about 4 different ways that fitness centers measure body composition so they can provide their members with accurate information about their progress.

Topics: Fitness Technology health
1 min read

Twitter's CEO Speaks about innovation and fitness @ Club Ready Summit 2016

By Raj Sareen on 12/13/16 11:39 AM

Topics: Fitness Technology Business
1 min read

Styku Recognized as a "Valued Vendor" at Workout Anytime Conference 2016

By Raj Sareen on 12/12/16 6:47 PM

Pictured Above: Alicia Lewis & Raj Sareen of Styku receive Vendor of the Year award  

Topics: Fitness Technology Business Appearances
1 min read

TrainerMD adds 3D Body Scanning to Wearable Wellness Program

By Raj Sareen on 12/5/16 1:39 PM

Pictured Above: Trainer MD & Styku's CEO Raj Sareen at Wearable Wellness Program grand opening  

Topics: Fitness Technology Appearances Insider health
9 min read

FITNESS STORIES: Gold's Gym Manager Beats Incredible Odds

By Raj Sareen on 11/28/16 3:03 AM


Topics: Styku Client Testimonials Fitness Sports Fitness Stories
2 min read

GYM OWNER MONTHLY: Styku 3D Body Scanner Launches in the UK

By Tracy Morrell on 11/21/16 3:39 PM

Topics: Fitness Technology Business
1 min read

Styku goes to Switzerland

By Raj Sareen on 11/17/16 3:58 PM

Topics: Technology Business Appearances

Club Solutions Magazine: Tech Trifecta-Three Tools That Boost Results

By Raj Sareen on 11/16/16 5:14 PM


Topics: Fitness Technology Business
1 min read

FORBES: Los Angeles Lakers Looking To Lead In Use Of 3D Technology

By Raj Sareen on 11/14/16 2:34 PM

Topics: Fitness Technology Sports
3 min read

Styku’s 3D Scanner Helps Stafford Wellness Grow Business Immensely

By Raj Sareen on 11/14/16 11:42 AM

Topics: Styku Client Testimonials Fitness Technology Business
2 min read


By Raj Sareen on 11/13/16 8:44 PM

TMPL is David Barton’s newest endeavor in the fitness industry, located in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan. The gym includes over 40,000 square feet of state-of-the-art equipment, 25-foot ceilings supported by illuminated linear columns and striking architecture.

Topics: Styku Client Testimonials