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Giselle Naranjo

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7 min read

5 Tips for Managing Your Fitness Business

By Giselle Naranjo on 4/29/22 7:00 AM

The fitness industry is booming, and it's never been easier to start your own gym business. Whether you're a personal trainer or an entrepreneur managing a gym, there are many things that you will need to take into consideration when managing your fitness business.

7 min read

Starting A Fitness Business the Right Way

By Giselle Naranjo on 4/8/22 7:00 AM


Topics: Fitness Technology
7 min read

Advantages To Opening A Gym

By Giselle Naranjo on 4/1/22 7:00 AM

Topics: Fitness Technology
7 min read

The Many Benefits Of Corporate Fitness

By Giselle Naranjo on 3/25/22 7:00 AM

Topics: Fitness Technology health fitness program
8 min read

The Latest In Gym Management Software

By Giselle Naranjo on 3/21/22 8:26 PM

Updated March 2022

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23 min read

The Complete Guide: How To Open A Gym The Right Way

By Giselle Naranjo on 2/17/22 7:00 AM

The world of sports is continuously evolving and changing. With society becoming more and more health-conscious, the demand for gyms has been on the rise.

7 min read

Nutritional Coaches: 8 Tips on Keeping Your Clients Happy

By Giselle Naranjo on 12/2/21 7:00 AM

For some, keeping clients happy entails excellent products and customer service. But for fitness professionals, personal trainers, and nutrition coaches, keeping your client or clients happy is more than just having mantras and pinning inspiring quotes and other motivational fitness goals.

7 min read

Why Your Fitness Brand Needs an Online Community

By Giselle Naranjo on 10/29/21 7:00 AM

Do you want to increase your fitness brand's engagement and customer loyalty? If you answered yes, then it's time to start building an online community. This blog post will discuss what a fitness community is and the benefits of having one. We will also provide tips on how business owners can create their own fitness communities in order to expand their businesses and boost engagement rates.

6 min read

Weight Scales vs. 3D Body Scanning for Measuring Success

By Giselle Naranjo on 10/1/21 10:22 AM

Gym owners have a challenge on their hands: how to measure the success of their weight loss programs and determine whether they are effective. The compelling idea is to use a modern approach that will give a more precise measurement of body composition rather than just weight loss or gain alone.

7 min read

Insights Your Fitness Center Could Gain from Member Surveys

By Giselle Naranjo on 9/14/21 7:37 AM

The fitness industry is all about improvement. Improving performance, building muscles, losing fat. But what about improving your business?

Topics: Fitness Centers