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Giselle Naranjo

Recent posts by Giselle Naranjo

6 min read

Weight Scales vs. 3D Body Scanning for Measuring Success

By Giselle Naranjo on 10/1/21 10:22 AM

Gym owners have a challenge on their hands: how to measure the success of their weight loss programs and determine whether they are effective. The compelling idea is to use a modern approach that will give a more precise measurement of body composition rather than just weight loss or gain alone.

7 min read

Insights Your Fitness Center Could Gain from Member Surveys

By Giselle Naranjo on 9/14/21 7:37 AM

The fitness industry is all about improvement. Improving performance, building muscles, losing fat. But what about improving your business?

Topics: Fitness Centers
8 min read

What is a Body Composition Scale and How Does it Work?

By Giselle Naranjo on 8/17/21 12:00 PM

2016 study reveals a close relationship between increased abdominal fat and a higher risk of developing chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease. If you are focused on shedding some weight to improve your health, you should keep a close eye on your body composition. Your body composition is the percentage of core components in your body, such as fat, protein, minerals, and body water.

Topics: Fitness Technology styku body fat measurement personal training body scanning HEALTH ASSESSMENTS Fitness Assessment Digital Fitness Fitness Centers
8 min read

12 Simple Tips for Keeping Gym Members Motivated

By Giselle Naranjo on 8/6/21 12:00 PM

24.3% of people are members of one or more fitness clubs in their area, but the downside is people on average only stay members for a max of four years. If you're a gym owner, one thing that's on your mind is keeping gym members motivated enough to continue coming to the gym.

Topics: Fitness styku gym merchandise Fitness Challenge Fitness Assessment Fitness Centers
10 min read

10 Top Body Composition Exercises for Transforming Body Shapes

By Giselle Naranjo on 6/17/21 11:05 AM

One of the most important things a trainer has to show their clients is the concept of body composition.

Topics: body composition
15 min read

20 Fitness Club and Gym Management Software Programs (Updated 2021)

By Giselle Naranjo on 5/26/21 7:00 AM

Gym management software is essential if you want to manage your facility, schedules, and memberships professionally. 

Topics: Technology new technology
8 min read

What is a Passport Program and Should Your Fitness Center Join One?

By Giselle Naranjo on 4/28/21 7:00 AM

In the current environment, gym owners must leverage every tool possible to promote increased membership.

Topics: Fitness Centers
8 min read

How Should Your Fitness Center be Conducting a Posture Analysis?

By Giselle Naranjo on 3/31/21 12:00 AM

With the right technique and the latest technology, you can help your clients to achieve desired results.

7 min read

Who Should Sell Personal Training at Your Fitness Center?

By Giselle Naranjo on 3/24/21 12:00 AM

You can increase personal training revenue by creating a solid plan. Your plan should involve your entire staff. Furthermore, you should offer a variety of training options.

Topics: personal training
7 min read

Who Should Be Conducting Fitness Assessments?

By Giselle Naranjo on 3/7/21 10:40 AM

Clients come to your gym looking for one thing — results. Whether it's making it through that 5K or keeping up with an energetic toddler, everyone brings a unique goal to the gym.

Topics: Fitness Assessment