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As a health club owner, you want to provide your guests with the most beneficial experience. Happy customers will lead to greater turnout, and your club will see in increase in revenue and memberships. You've considered leaderboards. You've hosted cook outs. You've lead more than a few group participation 5Ks. These can all work. Here's why a 3D experience is becoming a necessity.


You have an array of options of how you want
your health club to look and feel. But you have to invest in what’s going to make your health club stand out amongst the rest, as more fitness centers will continue to pop up in 2018. Your best bet at impressing potential members? Installing forward thinking, tech-savvy equipment that will dazzle new customers, and keep longtime clients coming back for more.

What are members looking for?


The rise of the health clubs reached more than 36,000 standalone fitness centers in 2017. As entrepreneurs continue to invest in the health and fitness industry, the trend that proves itself worthy of an investment is diving deeper into the body composition and performance benchmarking industry.


Members of health and fitness centers are seeking more information about their bodies than ever – and utilizing a 3D body scanner provides the fastest, most accurate way to measure height, weight, and body mass. Why not provide them with the most accurate and engaging body scanning technology on the market?


They provide a marketing incentive


Utilize your 3D body scanner as a way to attract new members. To start, invite customers to use your 3D body scanner within their first month of joining your health center. After getting serious insight into their measurements, their body fat percentage, or their body shape, they are likely to want to see improvements. Watch members become hooked on utilizing your 3D body scanner to plan where they want to see major changes in their body.


Offering clients to use your scanner with a free initial scan is a smart way to show them what they’re missing out on. Some clients might not realize the importance of seeing your body in 3D, and it’s your job to demonstrate that while setting goals through innovative software.


Don’t forget to provide discounts or incentivize your 3D body scanner. Market free scans as a prize for winning club challenges or inviting new guests to join your health club. The possibilities of marketing your 3D body scanner are seemingly limitless after getting customers through the door.


They increase member participation


Investing in a 3D body scanner keeps customers coming back for more. After seeing how their body looks in the “before” stage, they’re more likely to want to see hard numbers on how they’ve improved. Motivation through visualization is highly effective, and proven to push athletes to the level they need to be to win.

Trainers who utilize 3D body scanning techniques are able to demonstrate exactly what’s working well, what’s taking slower to see results. With this, you’ve created a bond between trainer and client that previously wasn’t evident. Your new members will end up filling up your gym for more sessions if it involves getting to showcase their results.

The technology and software in 3D body scanners reduce the uncertainties we see in traditional body composition measurements. Your ability to determine performance benchmarks will drive customers to feel motivated and encouraged for their results.

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They drive real, numbers-based results


Though many clients may have used alternative methods of measuring their body composition, previous methods are not only ineffective, but invasive and often inaccurate. You wouldn’t want your club’s reputation to be the same, right?


Previously, trainers were stuck with old, less accurate techniques of measuring body fat. Calipers seem degrading because of their “clipping” function. Hydrostatic weighing, or dunk tanks, involve completely submerging yourself in water and holding your breath for multiple dunks. And relying on the BMI scale can’t give you the real insight you want on your body.


The old methods of determining body composition don’t provide your clients with a positive experience, or one that fleshes out a game plan for the time they’re investing in your health club. BMI tests don’t reveal much about the actual composition of your body, such as fat and muscle size and shape, or bone density. Dunk tanks aren’t as accurate as one is left to believe. And calipers have quickly become obsolete because we often see improper technique used due to results being based off an equation to evaluate body density.


Because of a 3D body scanner’s unique ability to produce hundreds of infrared images in a matter of seconds, your clients are left with exact circumference, volume, and surface areas for key pinpoints on the body.


The greatest thing you can do for your club to ensure it’s standing out amongst the crowd is to invest in a software that will work for you. Using a 3D body scanning approach gives your customers the feedback they need to keep them engaged and help them to learn about their bodies in a positive, constructive way. Visualization, progress tracking, convenience, and consistent evaluation methods allows you to give your clients the tools that they need for continual improvement. With body scanning technology, you’ll help your clients accurately measure their fitness benchmarks and establish a long-term relationship that’s mutually beneficial for everyone.


Raj Sareen

Written by Raj Sareen

Raj is the CEO and Co-founder of Styku, a 3D body scanning and body shape analysis system for health, fitness, and wellness professionals. He is also a physicist, with a background in extra-solar planetary astronomy and once worked in the Human Space Flight Program at NASA.