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Individuals weigh themselves after a week of working out only to see the same old number staring up at them. Traditional scales don't tell individuals the whole story. This can lead to discouragement. 

Looking in the mirror to track fitness progress isn't reliable. To see fitness progress in a mirror is misleading because it relies on memory. And photos only capture specific angles and lighting. 

Often, individuals make fitness improvements but their scale doesn't reflect that. So people are without the positive feedback they need to stay motivated. 3D body scanners are the new fitness tech that will change the game forever.

When weighing up the Styku vs. Shapescale, which 3D body scanner is superior? We explain the pros and cons of each in this comparative guide. 





These days, it's easy for people to make excuses as to why they overeat or skip workouts here and there. But with Shapescale, they see the data clearly, and they can't argue with it. It'll completely change the way fitness goals are achieved.

Shapescale is a revolutionary new scale that scans an individual's body. It does this from every angle in 3D. They can step onto the Shapescale and its mechanical arm rotates around 360 degrees.

It takes less than a minute and captures hundreds of pictures with an infrared camera. 


Who Is It Geared Toward? 

The 3D, photorealistic image is then uploaded to the Shapescale app. This allows them to track their fitness. They update the image and metrics by stepping onto the scale again.

This is just one reason why fitness centers and fitness fanatics alike can enjoy this. There are many selling points businesses can choose from to help educate customers.

Users will clearly see fat loss and muscle gains as they rotate the 3D model of their body. They can do this right on their smartphone. With high precision and accuracy, Shapescale transfers data from the real world right into the palm of their hand. This allows them to analyze the photorealistic model of their body.

Individuals can see themselves from every angle and use the "Heatmaps" feature. This helps them see exactly where they've been losing and gaining.

They'll see whether the change involved fat or muscle*. No more annoying, cumbersome, and painful fat calipers or tape measures.

*Please note that it doesn't measure visceral fat (the fat around internal organs). With Shapescale, any loss is "associated" with fat loss. Any sculpted gain is "associated" with muscle gain. This is still better than human eye detection of fat and muscle changes.

It doesn't use underwater weighing, bioelectric impedance, or DEXA scans. Nor does it use ultrasound, x-rays, or skinfold calipers. These are tools and procedures individuals can use to supplement Shapescale's data.

This can be useful if people want to add to their personal fitness record-keeping and metrics.


Why Is It Effective?

Individuals can now scan themselves every day (or at any time interval) in order to see what has changed between two specific dates. This functionality allows them to optimize their fitness routines and nutrition plans more effectively. These changes are presented in "Difference View" on the Shapescale app for easy data access.

Accurate, data-driven feedback is essential to eliminating excuses. It keeps people on the right track. They'll be less likely to skip workouts or feast on ice cream. They'll see the body changes right there in the app.

Localized data such as fat and muscle mass percentages are represented. This includes each section of the individual's body. The Shapescale app allows everyday people to set their fitness goals in advance, so they can stay focused and motivated to achieve them.

This incredible new technology detects body changes that human eyes can't see, so fitness fanatics and patients alike get that valuable feedback from the AI -- even when they don't see changes in the mirror.


Body Shape Index

In the general population, Body Mass Index (BMI) indicates the percent body fat and several disease states. BMI is not perfect at predicting percent body fat in heavily muscular individuals such as athletes and bodybuilders.

Since BMI is limited, the Shapescale offers a slightly different measurement, that being the Body Shape Index (ABSI), which was developed by health experts to address the shortcomings of BMI. 

ABSI includes body circumference and height, as well as the BMI of an individual, and studies show it more accurately predicts obesity, some diseases, and even mortality.

Recently, Body Volume Indicators (BVI) entered the scene, but sadly, these apps were only made available to medical professionals, and for now, are still restricted.

The BVI Pro App is more thorough than BMI indicators. But, let's face it -- going to a doctor, exercise physiologist, or dietician to check their BVI isn't practical or affordable, especially when someone wants to check their progress daily or weekly. 

Shapescale has improved the world of health by bringing that ABSI and BVI technology to the general public. Shapescale can bring this opportunity right into homes, all types of fitness centers, and anywhere people like to workout.



The Skyku S100


The Styku S100 is essentially the same as the Shapescale, however, instead of an arm rotating around the individual, the machine rotates the individual on a platform. The Styku is also the fastest scanner on the market, taking only 35 seconds. This still allows the stationary camera to take hundreds of pictures from every angle.

It's non-invasive, intuitive, lightweight, and portable. The Styku body scanner is interactive and illustrates to the individual their body shape and any gains and losses just like the Shapescale. 

Set and track fitness goals by entering desired burn rate, activity level, and weight loss. Users just log in, from anywhere in the world, and manage their accounts, view data analytics, and set preferences.


Who Is It Geared Toward?

The Styku Body Scanner is more geared toward the medical field but works just as well as the Shapescale for everyday fitness needs. It has a dropdown menu where people can choose which metric or area they'd like to analyze.

Interactive graphs show metrics changes can also be seen within the 3D model graphic area, allowing the mind to more accurately understand the feedback.

Styku is a better tool with which to see contours, before and after photos, etc, so it's ideal for plastic surgeons, aesthetic professionals, and dermatologists. Physical therapists, chiropractors, and functional trainers can keep track of patients' muscle gains, and posture.

Medical doctors can use this new, intelligent tool to measure waist circumference, body fat, and waist-to-hip ratio in order to help assess the track the risk of obesity-related diseases and more.

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Why Is It Effective?

It provides a digital tool to examine for musculoskeletal risks. It will show exact bone density/mass and even posture by using its state-of-the-art 3D camera. Customer experiences are enhanced by this streamlined process.

Fitness centers can use this just like the Shapescale and can choose one depending on how customers react to each experience. Styku leverages body measurements and precisely calculates body fat percentage. Fitness pros can set goals, highlight changes, etc. using the 3D model.

Bariatric surgeons and weight-loss professionals can assess the health of patients and their health risks. 



3D Body Scanner Studies

3D Body Scanner Studies

Styku has dedicated themselves to working with only the best and brightest, most accurate safety analyzers, and fitness experts to bring you safety testing and research.

If you're interested in conducting a Styku study yourself, just set up a meeting with one of our team members and we'll help you get access to a body scanner to fulfill your research needs. We're open to working with anyone with a genuine interest in fitness and educating the public on their benefits and any data associated with Styku.

Studies indicate that 3D body scanners are precise and provide stable measurements of body composition and shape. As software is updated, certain biases will be resolved, such as detecting slight differences between landmark locations on the body. 

For now, the results are incredible and show how amazingly informative and safe our fitness body scanning technology is today. Even more detailed correlations between body composition, shape, and metabolic health factors will be discovered in future studies. These factors include age, sex, BMI, ethnicity groups, any metabolic disorders.

North Dakota University found that Styku 3D Whole Body Scanner has "nearly perfect reliability". They looked at the data analysis and compared it to the combination of other clinical types of fitness data gathering procedures.



3D Fitness Scanners Will Shape The Future

3D Fitness Scanners Will Shape The Future

So, which will it be -- Shapescale or Styku? Look at the goals they help achieve and how. Consider "all angles" when assessing the options. Know that either one you choose will upgrade any fitness center or health-related facility to the next level.

Stay up-to-date with the new 3D scanning fitness and health technology. In this world of quickly-changing assessment tools, we'll be better equipped with 3D fitness body scanners. These keep people informed of their health progress without visiting doctor.

Contact us to learn more about how 3D body scanners such as Shapescale and Styku can help you or your business!

Joel Lee

Written by Joel Lee