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Finally, a precise way to validate your body slimming procedures are working.

Medical spas and clinics across the country are replacing their tape measure and 2D photography methods with Styku's 3D body scanning technology. Contact us today to learn more.

Before & After in Full 3D

2D photos are often misleading. Lighting and coloring differences can mask real change. 3D scans are objective, require no special lighting, and clearly illustrate the results of the procedure.

Before/After in full 3D

Slimming procedure? Use the profile overlay tool to assess how much slimming took place.

The profile overlay makes viewing changes in someone's shape obvious. Impress your clients by showing them their progress.

Slimming Procedure

The world's most precise body measurement tool

Styku's body scanner is the world's most precise anthropometric tool. Track real changes in body measurements using a built in plotting tool. Use the custom girth tool to define your own measurements.

Precision Measurement Tools