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How to Motivate Your Fitness Center Staff

By Raj Sareen on 9/6/22 7:30 AM

Topics: Fitness Business
8 min read

Starting a Gym? Here is What You Need to Know

By Joel Lee on 3/10/21 12:00 AM

There are over 100,000 gyms across the United States. So, how are you going to make yours special?

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5 Fitness Club Challenge Ideas for Changing Body Composition

By Michael Glick on 2/6/21 11:07 AM

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Thanks, Microsoft!: 1,000 Kinects Added to Inventory

By Raj Sareen on 3/5/18 2:36 PM

Thanks, Microsoft!: 1,000 Kinects Added to Inventory

Microsoft has supplied Styku with an enormous batch of 1,000 new Kinects, despite the announcement of the discontinuation.


Topics: Fitness Business Insider
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Club Tours: Improve Your Closing Percentage with These Sales Integrations

By Raj Sareen on 2/27/18 7:17 AM

 The perfect club tour is a key factor in what your customer mulls over before joining.

Topics: Fitness Business Insider
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How to Plan Floor Space for 3D Body Scanning at Your Club

By Raj Sareen on 2/19/18 5:59 AM

3D body scanners can be a major asset to include in your club. They drive new customers seeking a non-invasive way of tackling fitness goals, they increase current member participation, and are proven to change peoples' bodies. As more and more clubs pop up onto the market, more are utilizing the technology of 3D body scanning to make customers for life. The tricky part is finding the perfect location at your gym for a 3D body scanner.

Topics: Fitness Business Insider
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6 Ways to Sustain Customers Through New Years' Crowds

By Raj Sareen on 2/12/18 8:00 AM


The initial surge of customers during the New Year is exciting, but sometimes overwhelming. Health and fitness centers are on the forefront of the average person’s brain in the new year. In 2017, getting healthy was the #1 most popular New Year’s resolution. Health and fitness conglomerates like Planet Fitness saw a 79% average increase in new members in January 2017. It’s likely that your business also saw new member sign ups, more turnout for fitness classes, or more inquiries as to what your health center can offer the potential new client. The initial interest is exciting – and its likely that new potential member will join your club. The next steps to keeping them walking through the door are worth your effort in order to sustain all of the new faces.

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7 Investments Every Gym Owner Needs to Max Out Potential

By Raj Sareen on 1/21/18 9:13 PM

Half of the people that join an exercise program will quit in 6 months, so what are you going to do to make them return again and again?

Topics: Fitness Technology Business
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Why 3d body scanning has become the latest health club necessity

By Raj Sareen on 12/18/17 11:10 PM

As a health club owner, you want to provide your guests with the most beneficial experience. Happy customers will lead to greater turnout, and your club will see in increase in revenue and memberships. You've considered leaderboards. You've hosted cook outs. You've lead more than a few group participation 5Ks. These can all work. Here's why a 3D experience is becoming a necessity.

Topics: Fitness Business
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Styku Customer Spotlight: Kristi Murphy of Gold's Gym Houston

By Raj Sareen on 12/3/17 7:48 AM

Styku Customer Spotlight with Kristi Murphy of Gold's Gym Houston

Topics: Styku Client Testimonials Business