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Accurate and Precise Body Composition.

Styku provides DEXA-quality body composition with medical grade accuracy* and consistency at an affordable price and in a non-invasive experience. It's called Styku Phoenix. Using the latest AI technology, Phoenix can predict your fat mass, bone mass, lean muscle mass, visceral fat, and more.



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patent pending US20160247017A1

*Accuracy is measured using standard error.
The standard error for predicted body fat percentage is 3.3-3.9%.
Individual results may vary, however, as error rates can be higher for morbidly obese or extremely muscular bodies.
Requires independent validation.


Bone, Fat, Muscle Mass and more with a simple 3D scan.

Each component of your body tells a different story about your lifestyle and the journey to a better you. Styku Phoenix is the only commercial solution of its kind to measure all three major components. Phoenix provides insight on how your fitness and nutritional programs are impacting bone health, lean muscle growth, and fat loss.


Regional Fat Mass.

Most devices only predict total fat mass. We show you the type of fat located on your body and where. 

Styku Phoenix tracks how most dangerous fat, fat between your organs (visceral fat) and fat your midsection (Gynoid and Andriod Fat), is changing over time.


(patent pending US20160247017A1)


Artificial Intelligence Driven

Our body composition prediction models are the result of a core investment into AI and advanced machine learning. As a result, our models are highly correlated with medical grade gold standards, like DEXA. 

We partnered with leading academics and research scientists in the field of body composition and advanced mathematics to build a predictive model based on data from over 300 participants. Learn more about how National Institute of Health (NIH) funded research led to revolutionary discoveries in predictive analytics with body composition. 

(patent pending US20160247017A1)


How other methods compare to Styku.

Competing product are prone to hydration issues, are invasive, or lack repeatability. Moreover, Styku shows you where your fat is located on your body. Visualizing progress is far more motivating.