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The fitness industry is only getting better, and your gym needs to keep up. While 1 in 5 Americans has a current gym membership, there's a lot you can do to bring more in from your community.

With the right marketing tools at your disposal, you can set a new precedent in the fitness industry. Let's talk about some fitness center marketing tips to try out today.

Fitness Center Marketing Tips:



#1. Focus On Organic Traffic

Out of all the gym marketing ideas, this is the most important. Organic traffic is the traffic you don't have to ask for. This means people didn't just see your ad before getting to your site.

To promote organic traffic, you want to appear in the top spots on Google, especially for local traffic. Luckily, if your fitness center is local, your competition isn't too high when people search "gym near me". Competing against local businesses is easy when you optimize your website for Google.

Have A Website

Whether it's been around for years or if you're starting a new gym, if you don't have a website, you're not losing to the competition. You're simply not in the competition.

If you expect to maximize your memberships by the sign outside of your gym, you will be disappointed. The only way to make ad campaigns or Google searches work in your favor is to have a website with a good landing page.

This is literally the home base for your entire digital marketing strategy, so don't overlook the importance of proper web development. Make sure it looks professional and up to the standards you want for your gym.

Create A Blog

This is another must. 81% of companies consider their blogs to be useful for their marketing strategy.

Without a blog, you aren't even in the competition for organic traffic. There are two reasons that a blog is so important. The first is that a blog increases the number of pages that have a chance of showing up at the top of a Google search.

If you have 5 pages on your website like "home", "memberships", "about us", "contact us", and "our mission", that's only 5 opportunities to rank on Google. Every post you put on a blog adds another chance.

The second reason a blog helps with SEO is that people seek out information, which a blog provides. The fitness industry is a perfect example of this because people in your target audience seek out fitness information all the time.

If you have blog posts like: "Best post-workout meals", "What to look for in a gym", or "Why should I hire a personal trainer", you increase the chances of people finding you on a Google search. You don't want to limit yourself to only competing for the top spot on "gyms near me". That is just putting all of your eggs into one basket.

Having a wide range of relevant blog posts will maximize your chances of people in your area finding your website. From there, direct them to your services and memberships.



#2. Social Media

We are now years into the digital age, and social media should be a big part of every gym's growth strategy.

If you're wondering how to market a gym on social media, your options are endless. Most importantly, you need to have a social media presence. The platform doesn't really matter, but Instagram definitely has the most influential fitness culture. Facebook and TikTok are also excellent.

Be sure to optimize your accounts, too. That goes for every social media platform. You want to start with a business account, add a clear logo for your profile picture, and make a short but sweet bio.

Your bio should only include relevant information as briefly as possible. Something like "Local health and fitness club in Montpelier, Vermont." From there, simply add a link to your website or contact information. That's it.

Build Followers

Have members of your gym like you on Facebook or follow you on Instagram. Put a prompt at the end of your email and put up signs in the gym.

Post relevant content as regularly as possible, try to post at the optimal times, utilize hashtags, and interact with other people's posts.

You can also build up a following by running promotions to build followers. This doesn't even have to cost money. "Follow, like, and share for a chance to win a free membership for a year." Your town will go crazy, and it will spread quickly.

Interact With The Community

Being a local health club, people in your community will love to see your company taking the time to interact with the public. Try posting about local events, sharing your members' success stories (with their consent), and comment on people's posts. Be friendly and professional, but have fun with it. This will build trust and loyalty among your members and locals in your area.



#3. Use Your Existing Members

Most gyms use these tools, and for a good reason. Regardless of what kind of marketing tools you can find online, word-of-mouth advertising is believed to be the most effective form of marketing available. Believe it or not, it actually accounts for $6 trillion in revenue every year in consumer spending.

A gym referral program only facilitates that, and it's low-cost and easy to establish. The reason for it is simple. Are you more likely to trust one of the 5000 ads you saw today or your favorite coworker swearing that these new running shoes are the absolute best? Don't underestimate the value of customers' friends and family.

It can be "Get a friend to sign up and enter for a chance to win a free FitBit", or make it relevant to your gym's services to save money. Offer a free training program or a free month to new members and the ones who bring them in. It can really increase your revenue.

Another way to generate word-of-mouth advertising is to offer new amenities. If your gym is the only one in town that has a pool, a certain class, or a 3D body scanner, then you'll stand out.



New call-to-action

#4. Family Pricing

Speaking of family, if you offer deals for households, you're bound to bring in more money. Highlight this in your ad campaigns, flyers, or anywhere else you market your gym.

Making it a good deal won't hurt your business. The more money you bring in, the better. For example, if your individual membership is $40, make a two-member deal for only $60 and a whole family for just $75. Work it out to fit your needs.

If your gym offers childcare services, definitely market that as one of your major selling points when advertising for family pricing. Be sure to incorporate the cost of this into the membership fee.



#5. Create Affiliates

Affiliate marketing or co-marketing is very beneficial to all parties involved. If your town or city has a supplement shop, health smoothie place, or other wellness-related entity, see if you can strike up a mutually beneficial business deal with them.

You could market each other on your websites or social media platforms, create membership deals with one another, or promote the others' services in your physical location.



#6. Open Houses And Community Events

Find ways to bring in new people whenever possible. Have time set aside for anybody who wants to come in, but don't alienate your existing members. Make sure everyone knows about it ahead of time, and plan on a time that isn't usually too busy.

Hosting community events where everyone is welcome will also help. Ask your staff for help, ask for volunteers, and organize something fun that can bring people together.

Try to get a permit with your town to host a 5K run and advertise it all through the town. This is a great way to get your business noticed.

You don't even have to run these events yourself. Sponsoring local runs, concerts, or other events is a great way to put your business' name out there in your community.



#7. Offer A Wide Variety

Offer a wide variety of classes and services. Invest in kickboxing instructors, yoga, spinning, and more. Not only will this help with word-of-mouth advertising and class sales among existing members, but it will help with your SEO.

Furthermore, it isn't just producing blog articles that give you more chances to appear at the top of a Google search. Having more overall and comprehensive website pages will do the same.

If you have a page for dance classes, then you have a chance of appearing at the top when somebody in your town searches "dance lessons near me". The more services you offer, the happier your members, and the higher your chances of being noticed will be.

Pro Tip: Having Styku certified coaches on your staff will also help you stand out.

Work It Out

Now that you've read some fitness center marketing tips, they won't do you any good until you put them to use. Figure out what makes sense for your business, implement them, and watch your business grow.

Keep up to date with our latest news for your fitness business and learn more about the best gym management software on the market.

Tracy Morrell

Written by Tracy Morrell

Director at React Fitness Limited with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry.