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There’s a lot of misinformation in the fitness space. However, technology can help gym owners and clients distinguish fact from fiction.

Digital gym equipment can help fitness clients track their progress with amazing accuracy. Technology also presents opportunities for gym owners to create efficiencies and increase profits.

Connectivity is the most prominent new theme in gym technology. Today, your members can track their stats with information gathered directly from your gym equipment. Furthermore, they can access that information using convenient, free apps.

In addition, technology is simplifying daily operations for many gym owners. Gym operators can take advantage of technology to monitor everything from maintenance messages to equipment usage statistics.

The following are 12 leading digital fitness center equipment offerings for your gym.



entertainment in fitness centers

1. Entertainment Tech

Today’s gym patrons want a library of TV shows and on-demand classes. Some fitness professionals argue against this approach. They believe that clients should focus on their workouts.

However, most fitness clients disagree. Patrons like the feeling of staying connected. For many, maintaining a connection to the digital domain makes it easier to stick to a regimen and reach goals.




2. On-Demand Classes

Modern fitness clients want guided training alternatives, such as on-demand treadmill classes. These digital training alternatives enable patrons to mix up their regular training.

For example, Life Fitness recently released a library of 80 digital classes. The classes are available on all the chain’s cardio equipment, such as treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, and other equipment.



fitness technology

3. Wearable Connectivity

Today, wearables are “in.” Apple’s latest expansion has enabled the company to build a full ecosystem around the Apple Watch. Consumers can use the Apple Watch to track their progress when using their home gym.

Furthermore, their technology can work seamlessly with your existing gym equipment. You can also use fitness wearables to provide rewards-based initiatives. With wearable technology, you can add a streamlined layer of technology on top of your operation.




4. Virtual Coaching

AI fitness coaches are among the latest in gym innovation. They enhance existing fitness technology.

Personal training has served as a core component of the fitness industry for decades. Now, AI startups want to corner the personal training market.

These startups have developed AI-powered digital coaches that study individuals as they’re working out. The digital assistants will then deliver customized workouts and motivation.



self service gym equipment

5. Self-Service Equipment

Self-service equipment, similar to eGym, is becoming increasingly common in fitness facilities. This kind of technology has enabled gym owners to create an increasingly self-operating environment.

Gym self-service kiosks can perform a range of functions without staff intervention. Furthermore, you can customize them to fit the needs of your establishment.



cycling gym equipment

6. Cycling Equipment

Technology has found its way into both cardio and strength training fitness equipment. Cardio equipment has provided stats to gym patrons for some time. However, the latest offerings also feature Bluetooth connectivity.

This new generation of fitness equipment can connect to several devices at once. For instance, they can transmit workout data to clients’ smartphones. At the same time, they can send information to other peripherals, such as a class projection system or other devices.



gym equipment

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7. Elliptical Machines

The latest tech is also featured in elliptical machines. Now, gym owners can take advantage of this technology to offer indoor walking classes. In fact, this offering is currently one of the fastest expanding trends in fitness.

Manufacturers such as Keiser offer elliptical cardio training with a range of weight resistances and Bluetooth connectivity to its proprietary apps. You can use Bluetooth technology to connect patrons for a group fitness experience.



body training equipment

8. Total Body Trainers

Total body training equipment offers a cycling workout with an upper-body component. It’s great for patrons who want a full-body workout.

Now, technology enables total body training equipment users to access coaching. Coaches can monitor patrons’ performance in real-time and store data to track their progress.



strength training equipment

9. Abdominal Strength Trainers

Abdominal trainers guide patrons through a full range of motion. However, they do so with virtually zero shocks to muscles, connective tissues, or joints.

These devices also feature large digital displays that highlight repetitions and resistance. Furthermore, manufacturers such as Keiser offer an eChip system, allowing users to store customized workouts and performance data.



equipment for fitness center

10. Lower Back Strength Trainers

Many people suffer from lower back pain due to underperforming back muscles. Lower back strength trainers enable patrons to strengthen their back muscles with almost no shock.

They also feature prominent displays. The Kaiser lower back strength trainer also works with the fitness equipment manufacturer’s eChip system.



fitness center ideas

11. Functional Trainers

Functional trainers enable patrons to train any movement in any direction—and at any speed. Resultantly, they offer unlimited possibilities for training.

Like Kaiser’s other equipment, this line of apparatus also offers bold, easy-to-read displays. Likewise, it works with Kaiser’s eChip system. By now, it should prove easy to see how technology can make performance monitoring much easier.



3d body scanning equipment

12. 3D Body Scanning

Styku offers an innovative 3D body scanner and measurement application. It’s a non-invasive process that automates measuring.

The 3D scanner is remarkably fast. It can capture a full-body image in only 35 seconds. Furthermore, it takes only 40 seconds to process the image.

Resultantly, it’s the fastest scanner of its kind on the market while simultaneously offering highly innovative features. More importantly, it can help you to boost profits.

With a Styku scanner, you can enable your clients to rank their body fat. They compare scan results with their peers. This information can help them set and maintain goals, such as losing weight or developing a target body composition.



Tech in the Gym

There are many technology offerings that you can take advantage of to fill the needs and wants of your patrons. However, it’s also important to choose technology that lets them make their own choices.

Everybody wants a custom-tailored portfolio. In other words, patrons want their own workout history and record of their abilities. With this in mind, everybody has different tastes, needs, and passions.

Entertainment offerings are one way that you can fulfill your patrons’ desires. Cloud-based technology helps greatly in this regard.

For example, you can sign up for a cloud-based wellness platform that allows users to log in on any piece of equipment. This kind of offering will allow your gym members to access their personal profiles.

Within their profile, members can store their entertainment preferences. However, they can also use it to store workout information and history.

Technology enables you to provide your patrons with a completely personalized experience. Whether using technology for training, data, or entertainment, your members can take advantage of tech to blaze their own trail in the gym.

More importantly, technology can provide you with another layer of connectivity. For instance, many gyms have requisitioned branded mobile apps.

These applications keep patrons in the loop. Clients can also use the apps to make a class reservation or book training sessions. Furthermore, they can take advantage of your gym app to engage with other gym members, increasing the effectiveness of the social component of your facility.


Leveraging Digital Gym Equipment to Maximize Gains and Profit

Now, mobile apps are quickly becoming a key component of the gym experience. They enable you to continue to engage with patrons, even after they’ve left your facility. This benefit boosts utilization and promotes patron retention.

However, entertainment is also an opportunity for you to market your club. You can use entertainment offerings to announce special promotions and events. You can also use them to send reminders to clients.

Furthermore, entertainment makes workouts more enjoyable. It helps patrons to pass the time. Resultantly, they’re more likely to stick to their routines and continue coming back.

Over the last decade, consumer behavior has changed drastically. That behavior is the driving force behind business decisions. Accordingly, it makes good sense to take advantage of consumers’ growing interest in technology.



Get Started Upgrading Your Gym Today!

Now you know more about 12 leading digital fitness center equipment offerings for your gym. Why not take the first step today in test the waters of digital gym equipment?

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What’s more, it’s straightforward. You can easily perform scans while guests wear leggings, shorts, and other form-fitting clothing.

Our technology generates stunning interactive 3D visuals. We offer a touch-friendly app that enables you to rotate, pan, and zoom body features from any angle. You can also use our software to provide impactful before-and-after images.

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Joel Lee

Written by Joel Lee