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Eric Krouse is the owner and COO of Snap Fitness location in Peachtree Corners, Georgia. With a background in Engineering, Eric is no stranger to new technology and when he heard about Styku, he jumped on the chance to bring it into his new gym. Last week we sat down with Eric to learn more about hisexperience with Styku and how it’s helped to improve the client experience. 

How do you think Styku has shaped your relationship with your clients?

We usually preface it as, “Remember when you used to go to a trainer and you would stand on the scale and hold that bar in your hands that measured your body fat composition? Then shortly afterwards, the information was given to you by someone sitting there with a calculator. Now, you are able to see what your body actually looks like without looking at a photo because when you look at a photo you actually zero in on a feature that you are not pleased with.”

When we compare previous methods to Styku, it allows clients to see the whole approach. And people are actually engaged when we do that. So a lot of it is how we present the information to them.

Do you think that Styku helps clients be more committed and more motivated?


Yes, absolutely. We use Styku as our technology package, we have some other technology within our clubs that we utilize which includes My Zone, Fitness on Demand and the Styku, all of those components are actually a triad for the folks to help get to their objective.

If they only use one of the pieces of the technology like the My Zone, we have found that once they start training: one of two things happen, they are either not meeting their objectives because they are doing it on their own or they are realizing that they need some help and that is when they dial into the other technology that we offer in the club.

So Styku is a good educational tool, not evasive and the great thing that I like about it is, it’s not like the dunk tank where you have to be submerged and hold your breath, it is not like the Bod Pod where you actually have to not eat or drink for several hours before hand. So the results are accurate and I definitely like that it is not as expensive as Dexascan.

How do you think Styku helps with the success of your SnapFitness location?


All new SnapFitness clubs are put into categories and monitored by Snapfitness through a brand performance specialist. There are about 10 new stores within the category that I belong to. Out of the ten new stores, we are selling the most personal training and have the highest member value rate. And I attribute a lot of that to Styku because it is actually helping out trainers sell PT. We are the first club within SnapFitness to be using it and after our success, I doubt we will be the last.

Can you recall a specific time when Styku has helped a client reach their goals?


As a matter of fact, we have a member that started working with a personal trainer about a year ago. Within less than a year, she successfully lost 20 pounds but had a hard time dialing in on the last 15 lbs. that she wanted to lose.

She did her first Styku reading back in February and that allowed her to see the actual consumption of calories that she needed to consume, what she needed to expend and how long it would take. So utilizing the information she was able to target her diet and target her training and has kept it off, a year ago is coming up, she has lost 35 lbs., we just did a Styku scan on her and she is so excited that she reached her goal, she is even targeting a lower body fat percentage goal.

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How does Styku help trainers create specific programs for clients?


So with Styku and depending on the client, we will use members that are looking for weight loss as that is probably the largest bucket, or the largest number of people that do personal training, they are looking to increase energy and lower their body fat. 

Styku will actually tell them where they are at currently today. Through the algorithms that Styku provides, it shows clients where they could be as far as fitness. It will tell them what that body percentage of fat is and then as we dial it in with their specific amount of training. Then it will actually produce a caloric deficit and that allows us to talk to the member about caloric deficit. Caloric deficit should be a combination of expended calories as well as a reduction of caloric intake from food and beverage – and Styku does that, it actually does that! The report that is emailed to the member is something they can tangibly have, follow up and look back on. It’s really great.  

How else does Styku help your clients reach their goals?


One of the really beneficial features that Styku provides is the outputted graphs. By doing multiple scans throughout the training program, Styku compares current scans to previous scans and combines everything on a graph that shows clients where they have been and where they are today. They are able to see their body image from when they started. So the visual tool is far beyond anything that somebody can achieve by standing on a scale and figuring out how much body fat you have.

Would you recommend it to other gym owners?


Yes, absolutely. Matter of fact, I actually already have, that’s how much I believe in the product. I was asked to demonstrate how we use Styku to another gym in the Atlanta area and through that successful demonstration, I was able to provide, the gym has purchased a Styku unit!

Raj Sareen

Written by Raj Sareen

Raj is the CEO and Co-founder of Styku, a 3D body scanning and body shape analysis system for health, fitness, and wellness professionals. He is also a physicist, with a background in extra-solar planetary astronomy and once worked in the Human Space Flight Program at NASA.