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One thing we’ve learned from many gym owners is the effectiveness of offering trial packages (such as 6 weeks). These short, introductory packages are long enough for members to see a change in their body, and really feel out your gym or fitness center.


Your marketing strategies during this 6 week period are vastly important, however.


It’s extremely smart to tell your 6-week package clients that they are guaranteed improvements to their health and fitness if they stick to your 6-week package program. This demonstrates to them before they’re even signed up that your health center is highly effective and delivers real results. You’re motivating the client (who’s entrusting in you and your trainers) that within this time frame, they’ll notice a difference in their body composition. If your trainers are as dedicated and talented as you are, it will happen.


Those first 6 weeks are a crucial period to wow your client with your staff and equipments’ abilities. It’s likely they’ll use this 6 week package to improve their fitness goals and want to utilize your gym for all that its worth. But if you’re not looking into the future, those 6 weeks will pass faster than you think. Are you anticipating those members signing on for additional months, or are you OK with them thanking you for your time, and walking out?


When the 6 weeks will end, are you ready to sell additional months to the current client?


Because your packages will have an expiration date, this means two things: you can build on your initial sale, or you can have a business model that will only ever time out. If you want to turn your membership packages from 6 week packages to 18 week packages, you’ll have to show your client that you are worth investing in.


How crucial are the first 6 weeks?


In the first 6 weeks at your club, you’ll need to prove yourself harder than you had to at the initial sale or walk through. This will mean during the clients first few weeks, giving them something that shows all of the assets your club has to offer. You’ll need to demonstrate your best self. This is all about the sale of value, and we know you have it.


Perception of value during those first weeks will make the client confident in his or her purchase of the package. After all, people are willing to spend as long as they deem the product is worth the cost. Show them your worth by offering packages that allow them to take home a free piece of your merchandise, give them a free pass to a class of their choosing, or wow them with your focus on fitness tracking, expertise trainers, and dedication to technology.


What are the things your gym has that makes you proud? It’s likely these assets can be used to show your client that you are worth it. In your six week packages, make sure your client is getting more out of your gym than just using your dumbbells.

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How to Wow


You’ve sold a potential client on the introductory package, and are now thinking of how to turn them from a trial member into a full-time member. Great! This is the type of mindset that will gain you member numbers simply by thinking forward. However, you’re going to need equipment, classes, or perks during this period that will solidify your worth to the client.


    • Trainers


Your trainers are the heart of your fitness center, and need to reflect your dedication to fitness. During this trial period, it’s highly recommended you sit the client down with a trainer or nutritionist to outline fitness goals. You’ll want to build a relationship that the client would miss if they didn’t have anymore. When the two join, their conversations about fitness goals will be what you can build on during the six weeks, and continue to build on once they’re over. Your trial period should include a personal training consultation and workout session. Working out with a personal trainer is proven to motivate stronger clients, drive home fitness results, and make longer-lasting personal health goals.


  • Comprehensive Fitness Tracking


As important as the consultation is with trainers, clients will need something to show them how they’ve improved during their time at your gym. Numbers on a piece of paper work… but we’re here to show them you’re different.


You will need to show them how their motivation combined with your outstanding facilities


If you haven’t switched to a tracking system that does most of the work for you, you are wasting time and money – and potentially losing members. Clients want a visual representation of their bodies from their start date until their end date. It’s critical you are providing them with something they can see and digest quickly. Choosing a software that tracks measurements and body fat percentage will show your 6-week clients how much of an impact only 6 weeks is – what will happen if they decide to stay for any additional period?


  • 3D Body Scanning


3D body scanning is an immersive, non-invasive experience clients are now expecting from their gyms. 3D body scanning is the perfect package integration as it seamlessly fits into the process from initiation to close. Invite your clients to an initial scan, and discuss their goals after they’ve gotten their body fat percentage and pinpointed body measurements. Then, your trainers are able to build a plan and workout/diet routine for each member specific to their goals. They are brought back for the final 6-week scan, and are shown their improvements – all because of your gym.


This is an easy addition for your upselling process as its the most effective way to show your worth: with real numbers and real progress. As long as you explain that the journey never really ends for those who wish to increase muscle mass, lose weight, or become a healthier version of themselves, 3D body scanning allows for that.


The top selling 3D body scanner? Styku. Learn more about how the technology implemented in Styku has taken normal gyms into purveyors of fitness and health.


Raj Sareen

Written by Raj Sareen

Raj is the CEO and Co-founder of Styku, a 3D body scanning and body shape analysis system for health, fitness, and wellness professionals. He is also a physicist, with a background in extra-solar planetary astronomy and once worked in the Human Space Flight Program at NASA.