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Technology is transforming the global wellness economy. Stay ahead of the curve.

The latest trends in Fitness, Digital Health, and why you need to stay ahead of them. 

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8 min read

How Technology Is Changing Athletic Training

As an athletic trainer, you are on the front lines of injury prevention and care, so it's no surprise they are always...

8 min read

Pros and Cons of Owning a 24-Hour Access Gym

So you’ve decided to open your fitness studio. Maybe you’ve been searching for the right opportunity, and committing...

7 min read

How To Engage Older Fitness Center Members: Fun And Effective Ideas

Keeping older adults motivated at the gym and fitness center can be challenging. As we get older, our bodies change,...

9 min read

How To Increase Your Gym Revenue Streams

Running a gym is tough, but the reward of helping people achieve their fitness goals can often make it worthwhile. 


9 min read

What is the Definition of Body Composition?

Updated May 13, 2022

It seems like the standards are always changing. 

The desired physique and body composition for...

10 min read

11 Reasons Why BMI Doesn't Work

Updated May 6, 2022

With obesity affecting over 35% of adults in the United States, the topic of body fat measurement...

7 min read

5 Tips for Managing Your Fitness Business

The fitness industry is booming, and it's never been easier to start your own gym business. Whether you're a personal...

10 min read

How to Build a Positive Gym Culture

Gym culture has a significant impact on client retention at fitness centers across America every single day.

It's no...

11 min read

What are the Advantages of 3D Body Scanning?


Updated April 16, 2022

Body scanning has become more popular recently. It can be one of the most helpful health and...

7 min read

Starting A Fitness Business the Right Way


Are you looking to start your own business? Do you have a passion for fitness? If so, starting a fitness business...

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