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Technology is transforming the global wellness economy. Stay ahead of the curve.

The latest trends in Fitness, Digital Health, and why you need to stay ahead of them. 

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5 min read


The Pandemic will forever transform the fitness, health, and wellness economy.

So you closed your gym, weight-loss...

7 min read

Global Wellness Economy Hits $3 Trillion - Are we getting healthier?

Are we making a difference? 

As a wellness professional, the question I find myself asking every day about the...

4 min read

6 Growth Strategies That Actually Work for Your Health Club

Growth Strategies that Actually Work for Your Health Club

Are you interested in leveraging unique ways to procure more...

3 min read

How to Turn 3D Body Scanning Progress Reports into Your Highest ROI Advertisements


We know the power of a good progress report. And we know that keeping clients impressed by your services will start...

4 min read

How to Use 3D Body Scanning to Convert 6 Week Packages into 18 Week Packages

One thing we’ve learned from many gym owners is the effectiveness of offering trial packages (such as 6 weeks). These...

4 min read

How to Use 3D Body Scanning to Increase Perception of Value with Your Packages


Very few people will act on a purchase if the value isn’t there.

During the sale, your customer probably has an idea...

1 min read

Thanks, Microsoft!: 1,000 Kinects Added to Inventory

Thanks, Microsoft!: 1,000 Kinects Added to Inventory

Microsoft has supplied Styku with an enormous batch of 1,000 new...

3 min read

Gold’s Gym and Styku™ Complete Nationwide Rollout of 3D Body Scanners; Announce Partnership.

LOS ANGELES, CA, February 21, 2018 - Gold’s Gym has completed a corporate-wide rollout of 3D body scanning technology...

4 min read

Club Tours: Improve Your Closing Percentage with These Sales Integrations

 The perfect club tour is a key factor in what your customer mulls over before joining.


The staff member you decide...