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6 min read

3 Ways Body Scanning Technology is Changing the MedSpa Industry

By Raj Sareen on 8/23/22 7:30 AM


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7 min read

7 Latest Tech Tools For Medical Spa Treatment

By Raj Sareen on 8/12/22 7:30 AM

In today’s digital world, it’s no surprise that the rapid advancement of technology has transformed almost every industry. Even the medical and healthcare industries aren’t immune to this digital transformation.

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8 min read

Strategies For Growing Your Medspa Business

By Joel Lee on 12/28/21 7:00 AM

Have you ever wanted to open your own medical spa? If so, then this blog post is for you. There are many things that need to be considered to drive more sales to your med spa business. For example, exactly what marketing strategies should you use? 

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