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Thanks, Microsoft!: 1,000 Kinects Added to Inventory

Microsoft has supplied Styku with an enormous batch of 1,000 new Kinects, despite the announcement of the discontinuation.


For concerned customers and suppliers, this ensures stock for more than 2 years for Stykus across the nation. The discontinuation of Kinect will not affect our production, or our dedication to fitness and health.

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We are excited to put these new Kinects to work and will, as always, keep you involved in updates surrounding Styku. We are so grateful and lucky to have such a supportive community.


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Raj Sareen

Written by Raj Sareen

Raj is the CEO and Co-founder of Styku, a 3D body scanning and body shape analysis system for health, fitness, and wellness professionals. He is also a physicist, with a background in extra-solar planetary astronomy and once worked in the Human Space Flight Program at NASA.