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There are more competitive fitness centers within a 20-minute drive than ever before. An individual wanting to get their body in shape struggles to know which club to join. This puts personal training programs at risk.

Are you looking for a key element that can differentiate your gym from the competition?

Today's body scanners can separate your trainers from the rest of the pack. Investing in a full-body scanner will give you an edge over the competition. This guide will explain how a full-body scanner will make it happen.


Full Body Scanner

To begin, a 3D full body scanner takes detailed pictures of your client's body and assesses their progress. One feature shows the client's weight as well as their body fat percentage. This is of interest to most clients.

Gym equipment, like full-body scanners, is ideal for fitness centers looking for a way to attract new clients. It is also a great tool to keep their current members.

Today, it's likely that one of your clients will ask if you offer a body scan after hearing about it from a friend's club. This is a marketable item in today's ever-growing and competitive market.

Contactless Scanning

No one likes their body fat pinched and measured with a caliper. Some clients may not be comfortable with the process.

Contemporary fitness center equipment, such as 3d body scanners, reduces the uncomfortable feelings associated with the measurement. The client steps onto the rotating platform with their arms extended. Then the platform will slowly spin. Within minutes, the client can gain the following benefits:

  • Faster measurement than traditional methods
  • Reduced measurement error
  • Provide instant feedback to the client

Additionally, this minimizes the contact that personal trainers and clients have with each other.

Client's Interests

No matter what business you are in, your client’s needs always come first. For the health and fitness industry, that includes both the physical and emotional needs of members. Oftentimes, when people are interested in personal training programs, they want to make an improvement not only in their health, but their body image as well. 

For personal trainers, this is an opportunity to build personal relationships with potential clients using Styku’s 3D body scanner. The process of a private scanning session is simple and only takes about five minutes. After the initial scan, the client can compare it to their latest measurements. The side by side analysis will make it easy to see how far your fitness center has brought them.

Moreover, the digital reports enhance the trainer's consultation with graphs depicting changes over time. These reports include visceral fat, bone mass, and much more.

This type of service offering with personal training programs can expand the type of people interested in joining the fitness center. In addition, as clients visualize the improvements they have made over time, they will continue to build confidence, develop a healthy self-perception of their body image, and keep striving towards their personal fitness goals. 


Coaching Opportunities

Coaches can deliver on promises based on actual measurements. 3D body scanning technology can be used to hold both coaches and clients accountable. For instance, let's say a coach is setting a custom program in place for a client. 

The body scanning technology can track data and provide a side-by-side comparison to show the client how far they've come in their fitness program by utilizing custom fat loss goals and dates. 

If the person's lifestyle impacts the score, the coach can motivate them. They can encourage them toward a reachable success story using smaller win increments.

The combination of a 3d body scanner and coaching works well as a lead generation program too.

Record measurements at the beginning and end of a free trial period. The client would see their personal gains. All positive results are more likely to convert the lead into a paying client.


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Promoting Effective Personal Trainers

Social media has a deluge of personal trainers vying for clients. The ones who convert followers to clients offer something more than the latest free tip—picture for a moment a free fitness boot camp for Facebook followers.

At the beginning of the program, your trainer interviews the person. They learn about the person's recent physical and nutritional history. After scanning the person, they receive a personalized consultation.

The consultation might include a customized exercise routine and menu.

At the end of the boot camp, the person receives a comparison scan. This reveals the impact of the trial period. The increase in muscle and the decrease in fat become obvious.

Some fitness centers run free trial programs for 10, 15, or 30-days.

The person will see that they gained strength, stamina, and altered their body mass. This can be from a combination of increased or toned muscles and weight reduction. The scanner can also compare the before and after pictures.

Fitness Boot Camp Facebook Group

Set up an exclusive Facebook Group for those who sign up for the free fitness boot camp. Have your trainers take part as moderators. Their job is to follow conversations, looking for opportunities to praise individual accomplishments.

Clients that encourage each other are likely to sign up for personal training. The comradery drives accountability and increases the participants' consistency. This leads to successful measurements and more praise for success.

When participants feel like they belong, they are likely to join the membership. When community relationships develop, individuals will sign up together for personal group training. These mini-groups stay together based on relational accountability.

When trainers participate in the online group, they become the trusted person for questions and personal training.

The client's success stories motivate each other. For those who plateau, the community pushes them forward. This continues until the individual sees their own praiseworthy success.


Inspirational and Motivational Emails

The more benefit you give to the community for free during the trial period, the more special they feel as a group. It only takes a couple of individuals to convince all to continue their fitness trek. They will motivate each other to take a couple of months of personal training.

Inspirational and motivational videos and emails are an easy benefit to provide daily. In today's society, video clips have 3X the number of views than a written post. If you create memes, they have 2X the number of views than a written email.

One video might show how to do tricep dips on the edge of a dining room chair. A curious person will try it. This extra activity will bring them a touch closer to their measurement goals.

Another video might show how to make a 20-minute meal that is 100% healthy. If the menu includes foods that are easy to prepare, the person might add them to their regular daily menus.

Or, the video may review how to calculate the amount of water the person needs to drink daily. This could be part of the educational aspects of the boot camp trial period.

Personalized Added Value

The greatest tool a trainer has in their tool belt is their people skills. When a trainer mentions a person by name or gives them praise, the person is more likely to become a paying client.

Also, when they customize a person's menu or fitness routine, the client feels special. The full-body scanner and analysis are central to this customization. This process convinces the client that the trainer cares about them.

When clients feel like a trainer cares, they are confident in the solution. Caring trainers sign more clients. In other words, the client will ask the trainer what their next steps are.

The trainer then signs them up for a personalized two-month program. This customized program includes regular digital scan reports to show incremental success. This is one of the best ways to extend personal training.

Never underestimate the power of personalization because it will increase your ROI. No matter what the form, it always drives the client to want more. It's only when fitness programs no longer show growth that clients can no longer justify the cost.


Investing in a Full Body Scanner

A full-body scanner is a differentiator at any gym. It offers contactless operations as well as digital reports that prove the client's fitness improvements. As members participate in groups, participants will keep each other accountable and are likely to join in groups.

Trainers and fitness professionals can use Facebook Groups as a promotional device. When 3d body scanning is central to a personal training program, your gym can continue to build and grow a community. 

Tracy Morrell

Written by Tracy Morrell

Director at React Fitness Limited with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry.