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Successful fitness entrepreneurship is not just about making money. It's also about having a fulfilling life and helping other people live their best lives possible.

The truth is, it can be difficult to find success in this field without the right amount of knowledge and guidance. Successful fitness entrepreneurship is the art of balancing your life and business.

You want to be able to work hard but also make time for family and friends. Successful fitness entrepreneurship is not about the most followers; it's about building a community.

It's not about getting likes on your latest post, but rather providing value for others so they can get what they need. Successful fitness entrepreneurs are passionate and authentic.

Plenty of resources is available for those looking to make a career change or take their business to the next level. In this blog post, we'll explore what successful fitness entrepreneurship looks like so you can decide if you're on the right track!

Why Is Fitness Important As An Entrepreneur?

As a fitness entrepreneur, the first thing to know is why you are going into the industry. Are you going into this line of work just for the money? Is it because it seems interesting and exciting? The answer to these two questions will be critical to determine what kind of program or class should be created, who the market is, and where the program will be focused.

It is important to think about this before you start working in a gym or studio. There are thousands of people out there who want to achieve a certain appearance or become more fit in general.

People out there want to become more fit, toned, and healthier in how they feel about themselves.

For this reason, fitness entrepreneurs need to understand the type of people who would take their class since it will reflect what kind of program should be created.

If you want to be successful in the fitness world, but do not have any guidance or help from a personal trainer, then this article will provide some insight into how to succeed as an entrepreneur in this industry.

However, it is important to know who should not start a gym or studio and what you should not do if you are going into the fitness industry.

Why The Fitness Industry Is Booming

The fitness industry is one of the most successful businesses in America. Annual revenues for this booming billion-dollar market are expected to increase by up to 54% over the next four years. There are now around 56,000 health clubs in America, with an average membership of $670.

Exercise products and services account for $38 billion in annual revenue, with an annual growth rate of around 3%. This makes it the third-largest sports market after sporting goods and recreational equipment.

It is clear to see why the fitness industry is growing. Most adults are now conscious about their health, well-being, and body image. For this reason, they are seeking out fitness programs, equipment, and services. Your own fitness business should be competitive with fitness brands.

How Are Fitness Entrepreneurs Coping In Today’s Industry?

Fitness entrepreneurs measure entrepreneurship success by whether or not they achieve their specific goals. These goals may include an increase in earnings, a growing client base, and/or a higher quality of life.

Successful fitness entrepreneurs follow a similar pattern to their peers who have been successful in traditional small businesses.

They take courses, read books, and attend workshops. They network with other entrepreneurs and search online for articles, podcasts, and other information.

They also start fitness businesses that provide services needed in the marketplace at prices that clients can afford to pay.

These include personal training, group fitness, yoga instruction, youth sports coaching, Pilates studio management, etc. This enables them to create demand for their services.

Successful fitness entrepreneurs are disciplined with their time, make client follow-up a top priority, build rapport with clients, and develop marketing tools that work.

They also have an awareness of the competition in the marketplace and the know-how to support the sales process by providing education about their products and services.

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5 Top Fitness Entrepreneurs Taking On The Fitness Industry

Have you seen different fitness holdings worldwide? A strong community makes your fitness studio reliable within different fitness centers. 

Here are five examples of successful fitness entrepreneurs and what you can learn from them:

1. Eugene (Gene) Van

What makes him successful:

He has a clear vision and a strong brand image. Van has built his business, TruFusion, based on the idea of bringing people together to help each other achieve their fitness goals.

Is constantly innovating:

He's taken his classes to new heights by incorporating virtual reality and live DJ sets into them. 

Helps others: 

One of the things that makes Van successful is his willingness to help others by providing them with classes in more than 70 locations worldwide.

2. Brian Scudamore

What makes him successful:

He made hundreds of millions by focusing on a specific niche (hauling, rubbish removal, moving). He's also built a powerful brand image for his business, with the tagline “Don't settle for less than the best.”

Demonstrates admirable work ethic:

Scudamore is so driven to succeed that he frequently takes his dogs on long runs around the city to clear his head before making important decisions.

3. James Duigan 

What makes him successful:

One of the most successful fitness entrepreneurs around, Duigan is known for getting results with celebrity clients. He's passionate about providing high-quality workouts that combine clean eating and cutting-edge technology.

Comes up with innovative new ideas:

His latest one was creating a health academy in London specifically for women who are often intimidated by gyms.

4. Jamie Alderton 

What makes him successful:

He specializes in creating bespoke fitness programs that focus on a client's specific goals. 

Is extremely resourceful: 

In his role as head trainer at the David Lloyd Clubs, he used to teach up to six classes a day while still finding time to research his own personal fitness project.

5. Ben Cohen 

What makes him successful:

With his former rugby player physique, Cohen was known for his fitness prowess long before coaching others.

He's also built a powerful brand image thanks to his social media presence and motto of “Do the right thing.”

Ways To Become A Successful Fitness Entrepreneur

Ways to become a successful fitness entrepreneur are vast. There are many different ways to become successful. Following the eight principles for success will help you succeed in your fitness entrepreneurship journey. 

The 8 Principles For Success:

  • Passion

The first principle of being a successful fitness entrepreneur is a passion for what you do. Your passion can make your gym stand out from others, but don't let it consume you if things don't go the way you planned.

Always have a backup plan in place because everyone stumbles from time to time. 

  • Love

The second principle of being a successful fitness entrepreneur is to love what you do.

All entrepreneurs should be ready to work long hours without pay and make sacrifices, but it's not worth doing if you don't enjoy it.

  • Improvement

The third principle of being a successful fitness entrepreneur is the philosophy that all entrepreneurs need to follow: "There's always room for improvement."

No matter how well you're doing, there's always something you could do better, and striving for perfection will help you succeed.

  • Expert Guidance

The fourth principle of being a successful fitness entrepreneur is to surround yourself with experts. Find a good lawyer, accountant, and other experts who can help you succeed in your journey.

  • Build Your Own Business

The fifth principle of being a successful fitness entrepreneur is to build your own business from the ground up by using your creativity and imagination.

Create new programs, hire experts for certain services that you don't have the expertise to handle, and use your imagination to promote existing and future services.

  • Be Honest

The sixth principle of being a successful fitness entrepreneur is to be honest with yourself. It would help if you acknowledged areas in which you can improve as well.

Being ready to admit when you're wrong and change certain elements of your business will help you become successful.

  • Value Your Clients

The seventh principle of being a successful fitness entrepreneur is that you should create value for your clients and potential customers.

You can do this by creating personalized programs or helping them set and achieve their fitness goals.

Your ability to create value for your clients and potential customers will determine the success of your business.

  • Work Hard

The last principle of being a successful fitness entrepreneur is to work hard. Working hard doesn't need any explanation because it's common sense that if you want something badly enough, you will do whatever it takes to make it happen. It's this philosophy that drives some people to succeed while others fail.


Successful fitness entrepreneurship is not about the money. It's about being passionate, focused, and committed to your goals.

It's about knowing what you want out of life and refusing to settle for anything less. And it's about surrounding yourself with people who are just as dedicated as you are to get there!

To be a successful entrepreneur in this industry, you need to have a passion for your craft. It would help if you also had an innovative idea and a product or service that fills a void in the marketplace. This blog post outlined all of these necessary qualities and more!

Joel Lee

Written by Joel Lee