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Raj Sareen

Styku Client Testimonials

Styku Customer Spotlight: Jennifer Hummel, Co-Owner of Catalyst Fit
By Raj Sareen on June, 16 2017

  Jennifer Hummel is co-owner of Catalyst Fit- a Richmond, Virginia based fitness boutique. After spending 15 years working at Gold’s Gym and eventually owning a club, she decided to...

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Fitness Stories

People Magazine Names Styku One of the Best Health & Wellness Services
By Raj Sareen on June, 14 2017

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Styku Debuts as Star of New Cowboys Fit Gym in Frisco, Texas
By Raj Sareen on May, 29 2017

"We've associated ourselves with winners. Real winners." - Jerry Jones, Owner, Dallas Cowboys  Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones addresses the assembled media at the Cowboys Fit Ribbon...

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Styku Turns Heads from Around the World at ELEVATE '17 in London
By Raj Sareen on May, 15 2017

Known as "The arena of physical activity, health and performance", ELEVATE is the UK's largest cross-sector event bringing together the physical activity sector, academia, healthcare,...

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Styku Presents at FILEX 2017 in Australia
By Raj Sareen on May, 8 2017

Known widely as the pinnacle live event for the Australian fitness industry, FILEX is a three-day educational conference where more than 2000 people who work in fitness come together to...

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Fitness, body composition

Celebrity Trainer Reveals 5 Strategies to Run a Successful Fitness Challenge
By Raj Sareen on April, 12 2017

Grant Roberts, celebrity trainer and the mastermind behind Hilary Swank's transformation for "Million Dollar Baby", reveals 5 key strategies to running a successful fitness challenge. 

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Fitness, Technology, Business, Insider

Experience Styku history with video recaps from IHRSA 2017 & Body Scanning Summit
By Raj Sareen on March, 21 2017


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Technology, Sports, body composition, health

EXCLUSIVE: Styku Launches Brand New Product Video
By Raj Sareen on February, 2 2017

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Fitness, Technology, health

Prestige Fitness Introduces 3D Body Scanning
By Raj Sareen on January, 24 2017


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Fitness, Technology, Business

BLOOMBERG: How Body Scanning Became the Latest Health Club Must-Have
By Raj Sareen on January, 3 2017

Pictured: Styku CEO/Founder Raj Sareen

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