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Raj Sareen

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Global Wellness Economy Hits $3 Trillion - Are we getting healthier?
By Raj Sareen on September, 26 2018

Are we making a difference? 

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Fitness, Technology, Business

Microsoft/HP 15-Year Veteran Joins Styku as CTO
By Raj Sareen on October, 23 2017


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A History of 3D Body Scanning Technology with Raj Sareen and Trent MacLean
By Raj Sareen on July, 28 2017

Styku Founder and CEO Raj Sareen recently had the pleasure of chatting with Trent MacLean of T² to discuss applications of body scanning in fitness. 3D body scanning has originally been...

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Styku Turns Heads from Around the World at ELEVATE '17 in London
By Raj Sareen on May, 15 2017

Known as "The arena of physical activity, health and performance", ELEVATE is the UK's largest cross-sector event bringing together the physical activity sector, academia, healthcare,...

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Styku Presents at FILEX 2017 in Australia
By Raj Sareen on May, 8 2017

Known widely as the pinnacle live event for the Australian fitness industry, FILEX is a three-day educational conference where more than 2000 people who work in fitness come together to...

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Fitness, body composition, health, dexa, BIA

The 3 Biggest Myths About Body Composition
By Raj Sareen on December, 18 2016

There's a ton of misinformation out there about body composition.  But access to the right information can make all the difference in helping you evaluate the right method for your...

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Fitness, Technology, health

The Top 7 Ways to Measure Body Composition in a Fitness Center
By Raj Sareen on December, 14 2016

Body fat in the fitness industry is often a controversial topic. However, with the right tool, measuring body composition can be a powerful way to engage individuals with a personal...

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Styku Client Testimonials

By Raj Sareen on November, 13 2016

TMPL is David Barton’s newest endeavor in the fitness industry, located in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan. The gym includes over 40,000 square feet of state-of-the-art equipment, 25-foot...

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