The turntable doesn't stop spinning during scan.

This issue is most likely caused by a communication issue or with an issue in the environment

Step 1: Reset the turntable connection. View article: My Turntable isn't spinning when I start a scan or manually start the turntable

Step 2: Check the environment.

The environment and the setup can cause issues with how the turntable is operating. Please review articles How much space is required to operate the S100 system? and How should the system be arranged?

Version 4.0 bug

If you are on Version 4.0 and are using the S100 system there is an existing bug that will cause the turntable to never stop spinning. To resolve the issue update the Styku software to version 4.1. To do please view the following article: How do I update my Styku to the latest 4.1 version?