How should the Styku scanner be set up? (S100 Model Scanner)

Follow the setup best practices outlined below to obtain good quality scans with your S100 scanner.

You will want a flat back wall behind the platform. Make sure not to scan into open space. The scanning tower should be facing the back wall perpendicularly

If the sensor tower is shooting into open space, issues can occur with the scan quality. Edges of the body will be "fuzzy" and will not have a clear resolution

Flat back Wall

Don't scan into corners, or at an angle

Scanning into a corner will cause the scan to appear a bit smaller. Circumference measurements taken from the scan will also become smaller


Don't scan near a window with sunlight coming in.

Outside infrared light will interfere with the infrared light emitted by the scanner causing errors. Errors seen include being unable to start a scan, scan failing to complete, or scan failing to process.

Side Window

Make sure the area around the platform is clear at least 21 inches around.

Styku will not allow you to scan if objects are too close. If you are able to scan, scan may not process properly and an error message can appear

objects around