The turntable doesn't reset back to the starting point after a scan, or it resets inaccurately.

The 4.1 Styku software release has an auto-reset feature; if your turntable is not resetting its position after a scan, follow these steps to get it working.

Step 1 : Make sure you have the latest software version installed.

Older software versions do not have the turntable auto-reset feature! This feature is available in Styku version 4.1 and later. To install the 4.1 version, follow the steps here:

Update your Styku to version 4.1

Step 2 : Make sure your scanning room is set up properly. Incorrect environment can cause issues with the turntable's auto-reset position feature.

Styku uses the arm position of the person being scanned to determine how fast they are moving, and to reset the turntable's position back to the starting point. The software may be unable to track the person's rotation if your scanning environment has problems. Follow this guide to check your scanning environment :

Check your scanning environment

Step 3 : Make sure the Turntable Auto-Reset setting is turned on.

Follow the steps here to check that the Turntable Auto-Reset setting is set to On :

Turn on Turntable Auto-Reset

Step 4 : If your turntable resets, but doesn't move to the correct starting position, you may need to calibrate the reset offset.

You can calibrate the Turntable Auto-Reset feature in the Tools menu of the software. Click here to learn how to do this :

Calibrate the Turntable Auto-Reset feature