How can I check my scanner setup to make sure the environment and lighting is correct for scanning? (S100 Model Scanner)

The S100 sensor technology is sensitive to certain types of light, and the environment around the scanner can affect scan quality. Follow these steps to check your scanner setup to avoid environmental issues.

Important: This article refers to the Styku S100 model scanner. To determine which model scanner you own please view the following article:


Note: If you would like to know more about how the sensors in Styku scanners work, read this article:

How the Styku sensors capture the body

Step 1 : Review the space requirements for the scanner.

Important Note : These are the minimum space requirements to use the Styku scanner with a perfect setup. An ideal setup has a wall 2-5 feet behind the turntable, and at least 2 feet on all sides around the turntable.

Factors including the color of the walls in the room or reflective surfaces like glossy paint on walls, polished floors, or mirrors can cause reflections that affect the quality of the scan. In these cases, you may need more room around the turntable and tower than noted in this diagram.

Learn more about how reflections can affect space requirements

setup dims

Step 2 : Check that the turntable is centered in the sensor view.

Press Scan in the software when you have all of the hardware components connected. You will see a view of what the sensor is capturing. There is an outline of the turntable in the view. Position the turntable in the outline.


Step 3 : Make sure you have a wall behind the turntable, about 2 feet - 5 feet away.

The Kinect sensor does a better job of "seeing" the body when there is something behind the person being scanned. For best results, the wall should be a neutral or grey color, non-glossy, and should be between 2 and 5 feet (55-150cm) away from the turntable.


Step 4 : Don't position the turntable in a corner of a room - this can affect scan measurements.

The wall behind the turntable should be flat and perpendicular to the scanner tower.

scanning into a corner


Step 5 : Avoid daylight and other infrared light, or lighting that emits IR light.

The sensor emits IR (infrared) light and uses it to capture the body. If there is other infrared light, such as daylight or light from halogen bulbs, in the environment, scan quality will be affected.


Step 6 : Make sure the area around the turntable is clear.

Objects too close to the turntable will prevent the Styku software from starting a scan, and can cause poor scan quality.

objects near the turntable