My turntable resets, but it stops too early/too late. Can I calibrate the turntable reset feature?

The Styku software uses images of the person on the turntable during a scan to determine how to reset the turntable position. In some cases, environmental factors can affect how the turntable resets. Learn how to adjust the reset below.

Note: if your turntable does not support calibration of the auto-reset feature, this Setting will not be visible.

Step 1 : Press the Tools button to open the Tools menu.

Screenshot (123)-1

Step 2 : Choose the Calibrate Turntable Auto-Reset option.

Screenshot (143)-1

Step 3 : enter a positive or negative value in seconds (decimals are ok) into the box to adjust the turntable reset time. A positive value will increase the amount of time that the turntable spins after a scan, and a negative value will reduce the amount of time that the turntable spins when resetting its position after a scan.

Screenshot (144)-1

Step 4 : Perform a scan and observe the turntable reset. If it does not reset correctly, open Tools again and adjust the offset value until you are satisfied.