My scans are coming out really badly - incomplete, or with large holes - How can I fix this issue?

If your Styku sensor tower is not operating correctly, scans can come out looking more like abstract art than 3D body scans! Here's how to fix the issue.

Step 1 : Make sure you have the latest Styku software installed.

Click here to download and install the latest Styku 4.1 version

Step 2 : Make sure the sensor can run at the correct frame rate.

Click here for steps to improve the sensor's frame rate.

Step 3 : Check that your sensor is operating properly using the Kinect Configuration Verifier

Click here to learn how to check the sensor with the Verifier

Step 4 : Make sure Windows is up to date. Microsoft periodically releases driver updates for the Kinect that can affect performance.

Click here to learn how to check for Windows updates.

Step 5 : If you continue to have issues, please contact Styku support.

Click here for instructions on how to contact Styku support.