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5 Tech Trends Shaping the Club Industry in 2018
By Bill Colbert on December, 11 2017

In 2017, we saw spin classes become the new social hangout. HIIT, or high intensity interval training, was a savvy gym-goers favorite way to burn major calories and jumpstart their...

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Styku Client Testimonials, Business

Styku Customer Spotlight: Kristi Murphy of Gold's Gym Houston
By Bill Colbert on December, 3 2017

Styku Customer Spotlight with Kristi Murphy of Gold's Gym Houston

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Styku Client Testimonials, Technology, Business, Fitness Stories

Styku Customer Spotlight with Chris Wharton from Better Body Group
By Bill Colbert on November, 16 2017

Ten years ago Chris Wharton, co-owner of Better Body Group, started his journey with fitness after graduating from Sheffield University with a sports and exercise degree. Shortly after,...

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Fitness, Technology, Business

Microsoft/HP 15-Year Veteran Joins Styku as CTO
By Raj Sareen on October, 23 2017


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body mass index, body fat mesurements, bmi, body fat percentage

Top 10 Reasons Why BMI Just Doesn't Work
By Bill Colbert on October, 3 2017

With obesity affecting over 35% of adults in the United States, the topic of body fat measurement has never been more apparent. However, the methodology for actually evaluating body fat...

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Styku Customer Spotlight with Eric Krouse from Snap Fitness
By Bill Colbert on September, 22 2017

Eric Krouse is the owner and COO of Snap Fitness location in Peachtree Corners, Georgia. With a background in Engineering, Eric is no stranger to new technology and when he heard about...

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body composition, dexa

4 Ways Your Gym is Getting Fitness Benchmarking All Wrong
By Bill Colbert on September, 20 2017

Not all bodies are created equal, and neither are personal training routines. Fitness benchmarking should reflect that notion. Over the years, fitness benchmarking has drastically...

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The Summer of Styku: Around the World at the Forefront of the 3D Body Scanning Revolution
By Bill Colbert on September, 10 2017

From Las Vegas to Tokyo, from Lake Tahoe to Toronto, Styku has had a busy summar, traveling around the world, at the forefront of the 3D Body Scanning revolution. Health clubs near and...

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Why Visualization is Such an Important Part of Fitness Success
By Bill Colbert on September, 6 2017

  You might not remember Carli Lloyd, but you should. In 2015 she scored three goals in 16 minutes during the World Cup final against Japan, making her the first woman to score a...

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Alex Rodriguez Announces Partnership with UFC Gym
By Bill Colbert on September, 1 2017


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