After a scan, I'm getting an error that says the scanner can't see between the subject's feet. How do I fix this?

Errors after scanning that prevent the 3D body scan from being completed are usually caused by one of a few things that are easy to fix - read below to learn more.

Fix 1 : For Styku S400 model scanner : If you are getting the occasional failed scan, double check that your scan subjects are not wearing black socks! The most common cause of a failed scan with the S400 scanner are black socks that can't be seen by the sensors.

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Fix 2 : If you are using an S100 model Styku scanner and your scan subjects' feet are always coming out extra small, and sometimes the scan doesn't come out at all and gives an error, it's likely there is an issue with multi-path reflections in your setup. Read the guide below to learn about multi-path reflections and how to avoid them:

Avoid multi-path reflections with the Kinect sensor

Fix 3 : If your scan subject isn't facing the tower when they start the scan, your scan may fail. Make sure the scan subject always starts the scan facing the sensor tower. If they are at an angle to the tower, the software may not be able to orient them correctly.

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Fix 3 : If you are getting an error every time you scan with an S100 model scanner, it's likely that your sensor tower is having an issue with a sensor driver. Follow this guide to troubleshoot your sensor drivers:

Click here to troubleshoot sensor drivers