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Styku drives expansion with the launch of Styku Europe

London, UK - April 3, 2019 – Styku today announced the opening of direct operations within the UK to provide its ground-breaking 3D body scanning and body composition technology directly to health club and boutique operators across Europe.


Styku has appointed former Managing Director of Power Plate, David Morrell, as Managing Director of Styku Europe to oversee distribution, who is excited by the opportunity to play a key role in continuing to grow Styku’s presence across Europe: “We’ve had tremendous success early on with partners in Spain, Germany, and our own efforts in the UK. We’re now actively engaging partners in countries throughout greater Europe to expand operations further,” says David. “Operators are convinced our 3D visualisation solutions help drive membership and training sales, while increasing retention, and we look forward to helping many other facilities realise the power of 3D body scanning to enhance customer experience and revenue.”

Get Focused Body Transformation Studio is just one of the many facilities across Europe that has already benefitted from Styku, as Owner and four-time UKBFF Bodybuilding Champion, James Kennedy, explains: “When we were looking at investing in a 3D body scanner, what clinched it for us with Styku was not just the level of accuracy, but also the way the data was presented, which is slick and easy for clients to process. Styku strikes that perfect balance between science and emotion because we can actually take people on a visual journey with their body, step by step, working towards their goals. It’s been incredibly motivational for our clients and has helped them to keep on track with their programmes.

“Styku has not only helped to change the face of our business, but also other people’s lives, and the Styku team has supported us every step of the way.”

Harry Thomas, Owner of No1 Fitness and Polar UK Brand Ambassador, predicts that there will be many more Styku scanners going into the health and fitness industry in the years ahead, as gym owners and trainers become more educated on this technology and start showcasing its benefits to their clients. He added: “I would 100% recommend Styku as it not only gives your facilities a new dynamic, but it also gives your members an experience they haven’t had before, which truly benefits their individual journeys.”

The existing European distributors welcome the expansion of the team and are excited by the prospect of furthering Styku’s global reach, as Spanish distributor, RocFit, explains: “It’s fantastic to be a part of such an innovative and fast-growing company. Since becoming a distributor, we’ve experienced some great success and we look forward to what the future holds as Styku increases its European footprint, raises awareness of the brand, and helps even more health and fitness facilities to maximise client engagement, retention and revenue.”

To learn more about how to become a distributor in Europe, please contact David Morrell: david.morrell@styku.com 

Existing European distributors:

  • Germany - Weight Checkers

  • Spain - RocFit

  • Portugal - Teprel

  • Netherlands - AviFit

  • UK - React Fitness

About Styku™

Styku™ is body scanning technology that maps the shape, composition, and health of the physical body using the latest in computer vision and artificial intelligence. With over 750,000 users worldwide, Styku assists in performing an assessment for a member every 30 seconds somewhere in the world, via a wide and fast-growing network of 1200+ active installations in more than three dozen countries. Styku's intuitive, multi-platform software gives professionals the ability to perform a full body scan, view 3D models, extract body circumferences, predict body composition, estimate health risks, track changes in body shape, set fitness goals, and much more. For further information, visit: www.styku.com