Why is my body fat % so high?

Styku has two body composition models, and the Advanced model shows higher fat mass values than the Basic model.

Styku's Phoenix body composition system has two models: Basic and Advanced.

The Advanced model is the one we recommend, because it's correlated with the gold-standard DEXA device, and gives a more complete view of the makeup of the body. The Advanced model makes predictions for fat mass, lean mass and bone mass, known as a three-compartment model.

The Basic model is correlated with a Seca Bio-electrical Impedance Analyzer (BIA), and can show both fat mass and non-fat mass.

Why is my body fat % so much higher than I thought?

DEXA (and the Styku Advanced model) body fat values tend to be 6-8 percentage points higher than BIA body fat values. This is because a two-compartment model that most BIA devices predict don't account for changes in bone mass, the way a three-compartment model can. 

DEXA body composition values are a better, more accurate picture of the body. However, the most common body fat prediction devices out there today are BIA devices. That's why, when you get a Styku scan, you may be surprised to see a higher body fat % value than you expected. 

It's possible in the Styku software to switch between the Basic and Advanced model for the entire software, or just for a specific scan profile. You can learn how to do that, here:

The global setting for body composition:


The per-scan-profile setting: