I've passed the certification test for Styku Phoenix. How do I switch my Styku software to use the Advanced Model?

After passing the test and receiving a code, you can change from the Basic model to the Advanced model in the system. Read below to learn how.

Step 1 : Press on Settings to open the Settings menu.

Settings Tab

Step 2 : Select the Styku AI option.

Choose a Category

Step 3 : Choose the Phoenix option.

Styku Phoenix

Step 4 : Press on the drop-down menu to see the Advanced Model option. Choose the Advanced model.

Changing Models

Step 5 : You will be asked to enter in the training code. Type in the code you were given when you passed the certification test, then press Continue. You can then exit the Settings window, and your Styku system will be set to the Advanced model.

Advanced model code