What are the Weight and Height requirements?

Listed below are the weight and height prerequisites corresponding to each Styku model.

The weight and height for Styku are as follows:


S100X - Individuals must meet the height criteria, which ranges from a minimum of 54 inches (4.5 ft) to a maximum of 6 feet 4-5 inches. Additionally, the weight range for eligibility spans from a minimum of 50 lbs to a maximum of 550 lbs.

X2 - Entry prerequisites encompass a height range of 54 inches (4.5 ft) to 6 feet 4-5 inches, along with a weight range of 50 lbs as a minimum to 350 lbs as a maximum, specifically when utilizing the V6 turntable.

The wall behind your scan subject on the turntable must be as flat as possible, without reflective surfaces in view. Please refer to this article on how to setup the environment and lighting for scanning.