What is the Styku measurement validation feature, and how does it work?

When measurement validation is enabled, the Styku software will identify measurements that are likely incorrect, and use a predicted value instead.

The Styku software has a measurement validation feature that is turned on by default. When a measurement that seems wrong is found, for example if a neck or thigh measurement is much bigger than it should be because hair is covering the neck, or the subject is wearing baggy clothing, Styku will highlight that measurement in a different color, and show an exclamation point icon by it.

In the Body Measurements tab, invalid measurements will be shown at the top of the measurement list, and a predicted value more in line with a correct measurement value will be displayed instead. Indirect measurements like body fat % will use the predicted value instead of the measured value.

Screenshot (217)

If you would like to turn the measurement validation feature off, you can do that in Settings. Learn how to do that here:

How to turn off the measurement validation feature