Turntable has weight scale, but no weight detected

The turntable connection can be reset by performing the procedures outlined below

Step 1 :Close the application if open

Screenshot (22)

Step 2 :Reset the connection by unplugging the USB and power. Then plug the USB back in first, then connect the power. Check if weight is displayed

Unplug replug

Step 3 :Reopen the application and check the weight. If the weight is taken issue is resolved. To recalibrate please see How do I calibrate the turntable weight scale?

Step 4 : If the issue persists perform a hard reset of the turntable weight scale

Performing a turntable weight scale reset

Step 1: Unplug the power to the turntable

Step 2 : Open the turntable by removing the turntable cap. Lift and turn the cap clockwise

Take off Cap

Step 3: Unplug the rainbow colored cable (weight scale connection) from the turntable control board

USB Controller 2

Step 4: Replug the rainbow weight scale connection

Step 5: Put lid back on by placing lid on the turntable and rotating counterclockwise. Turntable should lock in place

Step 6: Plug power back in

Step 7: Open the application and attempt to use the weight