How do I calibrate the turntable weight scale?

Learn how to calibrate the Styku weight scale so that its values match another scale in your facility.

Step 1 : Press the Tools button to open the Tools menu.

Screenshot (123)-1

Step 2 : Press the Calibrate Weight Scale option to open up the Calibrate Weight Scale Tool.

Screenshot (125)-1

Step 3 : Follow the instructions in the Calibrate Weight Scale Tool to adjust your turntable weight scale's weight.

  • Enter your weight from the other weight scale that you are calibrating to.
Screenshot (126)
  • Stand on the turntable and allow the software to calculate your weight.
Screenshot (127)
  • The software will apply an adjustment to align the turntable weight scale with your other weight scale reading. You can manually adjust this further by pressing the 'Calibrate manually' button and dragging the slider.
Screenshot (128)