Is it possible to "cheat" Styku's body fat system and get a lower or higher body fat %

All body composition devices have error, and they all can be "gamed" - Styku's is very repeatable, and when performed correctly, great for tracking progress!

Styku users have asked if it's possible to "cheat" the body composition values - that is, can you alter your results by changing your shape or posture. The simple answer is "yes", but the truth is more complicated than that.

Styku does a great job of providing consistent, repeatable measurements to track change in someone's body as they go through a fitness program or other regimen or procedure. When scans are performed correctly, Styku has an error margin for measurements that are much lower than your physical tape measure, calipers or most other commonly used devices for tracking progress in the club.

However, Styku is not an x-ray machine, and will measure what it sees - the shape and size of the human body. Here are some common ways it's possible to "game the system" and introduce inaccuracies in your scans, along with ways to avoid these issues.

1. Bad posture can lead to more error in scan measurements.

Imagine using a physical tape measure to measure someone's waist when they are pushing their gut forward, versus sucking it in and flexing their stomach muscles - you'll get a pretty big difference in the measurements, right?

Styku measures the body it sees, so if the customer slouches, or pushes out their belly area, they can affect the way their body is measured.

Solution - Assume the correct scanning posture.

Review this guide for tips on what to tell your customer when performing scans, to avoid inconsistencies in measurements:

Correct Scan Posture

2. Loose clothing can inflate measurements and produce an incorrect body fat %.

Again, the Styku system measures what it sees. If you wear loose or baggy clothing in your first scan, and form-fitting clothing in your second scan, your measurements will appear to have gone down!

Loose clothing obscure the body's shape, and Styku will measure the outer surface of your baggy clothes rather than your true shape and size.

Solution - Wear form-fitting clothes that reveal the shape of your body.

We suggest a sports bra and leggings for women, and bike shorts or boxer briefs for men. Compression clothes also work well. The goal is to allow Styku to see the shapes and curves of your body, to measure it accurately.