What are the steps for proper scanning?

The Styku scanner does a great job of measuring the body when scans are performed correctly. Here are instructions about how to get great scans.

Before you begin, make sure your scanner is set up correctly :

1. : Keep the area around the turntable clear.

Check the environment around the scanner and make sure there are no objects within 14 inches (36 cm) of the turntable.

2. : Keep the rotating platform a minimum of 14 inches (36 cm) away from all walls.

If walls are seen by the scanner camera, it will cause your scan to deform or look completely strange! In some cases, more than 14 inches may be required.

Styku X Footprint

3. : Avoid bright lights and windows directly above or behind the person being scanned.

If the scanner camera sees bright lights or reflections, it may mistake them for a part of the person's body, and cause artifacts and other anomalies in the scan data. Think of this the way you would when you take a photo with your phone's camera - don't put the sun behind a person you're taking a photograph of, or the sun will blow out the photo.  Similarly, avoid bright lights behind the person being scanned.

Checklist for proper scanning : 

Step 1 : Make sure the turntable arrow is pointed at the sensor tower.

  • You can adjust the turntable position using the Styku software. Learn how here:

Adjust the Turntable Position

Step 2 : Make sure hair is tied up off of the neck and shoulders,

hair tied

Step 3 : Wear form-revealing clothing.

form-revealing clothing

Step 2 : Stand on the footprints on the turntable, facing the sensor tower.

Stepping on Platform

Step 3 : Raise your arms until your hands are level with your shoulders, and close your fingers into fists. This is called a "T Pose". Feel your body straighten, and your shoulders lift.

Human T pose closed fist

Step 4 : Now, lower your arms until they are about 8 inches (20 cm) away from your torso. This is called an "A Pose". The software will display digital "wings" showing where the correct position should be. You want your arms to be in the lower green area.

A pose

Step 5 : Remain still during the scan. The turntable will rotate more than a full rotation. Stay relaxed, and breathe normally.


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