I am receiving an error message that says "Please make sure the sensor is plugged in and try capturing again".

Perform the Steps below to resolve the issue

Step 1. Check the sensor connections.

  • Make sure the Sensor USB is plugged into a USB 3.0 port. The sensor should be plugged in like the image below:

Kinect Sensor

2. Reset the connection to the computer

  • Unplug the Sensor from the USB port on the computer.
  • reboot the computer

Screenshot (24)
  • Plug the sensor USB back in

3. Check for Kinect Sensor updates

  • Right Click the windows icon
  • Click device manager
Screenshot (26)
  • right click Kinect Sensor devices and press "Update Driver Software"
kinect driver

4. If you continue to have issues after performing these steps perform the following steps.

  • With the sensor USB plugged in open the device manager by first right clicking the Windows Icon on the bottom left
Windowns icon
  • Click device manager
Screenshot (26)
  • Right click the "Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller - 1.0 (Microsoft)" device under Universal Serial Bus Controllers
In device Manager right click USB 3.0 eXtensible
  • Click uninstall device
Click Uninstall device
  • Confirm the uninstallation by pressing the uninstall button when the warning prompt appears
Click uninstall
  • Unplug the sensor USB from the computer and restart the computer by right clicking the Windows Icon and pressing restart
Click Restart
  • Once the computer has restarted plug the sensor USB back in and attempt to operate the scanner again