How can I check the sensor and turntable connections for my scanner?

The Setup tool runs a thorough check of your system's hardware connections. You can use this to make sure everything is detected by the Styku software before scanning.

Important: This article refers to the Styku S100 model scanner. To determine which model scanner you own please view the following article:

Step 1 : Press the Setup button to start the setup process.


Styku Homepage Setup Tab

Step 2 : The Styku software will go through all of the hardware connections.

Setup numbers

Step 3 : If there is an issue with a connection, the setup process will ask you to troubleshoot and wait until it detects a connection. Follow the instructions to re-connect the part.

Screenshot (171) (1)


Step 4 : Once the software detects all connections, it will complete setup. You can now close the setup window and begin scanning.

Screenshot (173)