How do I create my Styku account?

Starting with Styku version 4.1, you can create your Styku account in the software when you launch it or update it for the first time.

Step 1 : Launch the software on your scanning computer. If you need to update to the latest version, do that first.

Update your Styku system to the latest version

Step 2 : Choose a software language.

Screenshot (191)

Step 3 : Accept the terms of use.

Screenshot (192)

Step 4 : If you have already created an account in a previous version of Styku, you have the option to skip the new account creation up to times. After the 5th skip, creating your administrator account will be mandatory.

Screenshot (193)

Step 5 : Enter your name, password and email address. This must be a valid email address, but you don't have to use the same address you were using before.

Screenshot (194)

Step 6 : Verify your email address. A verification code was sent to the email address you put in. Enter the code in the box to continue.

Screenshot (195)

Step 7 : Enter in your business location name (ie., Fitness Club South Beach", address and location phone number. If you don't have a postal code, you can enter xxx in the box to continue. Press the Country and State/Province buttons to choose those values.

Screenshot (196)

Step 8 : Press each of the buttons and choose which options best describe your location.

Screenshot (199)

Step 9 : Decide if you want to use a PIN code to protect customer scan profiles. If you do, press the button to turn it on (it will turn red). If not, press Continue.

Screenshot (202)

Step 10 : Read the information about Styku AI and then press Get Started.

Screenshot (203)

Step 11 : Read the information about Phoenix, then choose a body composition model. If you choose to use the Advanced model, you will be asked to complete a certification course. A link to the course will be displayed. You can change this setting later if you prefer. If you choose the Basic model, press Continue to move to the next step.

Screenshot (204)


Screenshot (205)

Step 12 : If you would prefer not to use Styku's body composition values at all, you can enable the option to be asked to enter a body fat % value after scanning someone. Press the button to enable this if you'd like to use your own body fat % values instead of the body composition values provided by Styku.

Screenshot (207)

Step 13 : By default, measurement validation is enabled, which will identify measurements that Styku thinks are incorrect by marking them with a yellow exclamation point. If you would prefer not to use this feature, press the button to disable it. You can learn more about our measurement validation feature here:

How Styku's measurement validation feature works

Screenshot (208)

Step 14 : Press Finish to complete setting up your administrator account.

Screenshot (209)