Nov. 5th, 2019

Styku reaches an historic milestone.

We're proud to share that Styku has recently performed its 1 millionth body scan across its over 600,000 users. 3D Body Scanning is quickly gaining momentum as a new low-cost, non-invasive, and highly accessible way to assess health. Besides measuring hundreds of circumferences (waist, hip, etc.), new research findings show that 3D body scanning can also predict fat mass, disease risk, insulin levels, and HDL. Additionally, further research shows that people's response to their scans are overwhelmingly positive. 

"71% of people die each year due to preventable diseases if caught early enough. The key to preventative care is building awareness and changing behavior. While wellness professionals do a great job on the latter, they fall short in reaching enough people and building enough awareness. That's in part because technology in the area of assessments has not improved by much. Styku has changed that." shared Raj Sareen, CEO and Co-Founder.

3D Visuals help describe key body composition changes otherwise difficult to communicate through weight scales or traditional body composition analyzers which often overload customers with esoteric measurements. As a result, Styku is replacing traditional and BIA scales in multiple fields, including physical therapy, nutrition, recovery, professional sports, aesthetics, plastic surgery, obesity medicine and fitness. Over 15 different sectors are now using Styku across Retail, Healthcare, and Wellness. Styku is now in 30 different countries and helping professionals perform assessments more than 1500 times a day and growing rapidly. 

Raj continues, "Building awareness begins on an individual level with a health assessment. But low-cost scales, measuring tapes, and calipers, don't draw the crowds and don't appeal to data-driven tech savvy Millennials either. Medical assessments are either expensive, difficult to access, and esoteric. Assessments need to be frictionless while being high tech and simple for people to understand. There's a big gap and we're filling that gap."

Millennial women lead the pack

With over 600,000 unique individuals scanned across 1000+ locations, Styku was able to draw some unique insights about the type of demographics that appeal to body scanning. Some of the remarkable insights include Gender, BMI, and Age distributions of our users. A whopping 68% of all our users are women, while the largest age group of users were Millennials at 46%. Gen X'ers came in second at 29%. Check out some of the great success stories here.









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