What's new in version 4.3?

Learn about the latest features and fixes in Styku version 4.3, which includes support for the S100X.


  • Improved detection of arms, and added audio cues when the turntable, and the arms, are in position.
  • Improved turntable setup feature to make it easier to place and align the turntable and scanning tower.
  • New look and feel of the camera feed showing the person standing on the turntable.
  • Improved performance of the software user inputs.
  • Updated Styku patent links .
  • Added settings specific to the S100X.


  • Added measurement validation for waist measurement. When a waist measurement is determined to be incorrect, the scan is discarded, and the user is asked to re-scan.
  • Optimized the start of the turntable to respond to the audio and visual cues more quickly.
  • Added error handling for turntable failing to start, to retry and correct the issue automatically.

S400 Improvements

  • Improved reliability of the network connection between the computer and the tower by routing commands through Styku's web servers.

S100X support

  • Support Styku S100X scanning with Intel Realsense camera.
  • Improved detection of the "floor" and the feet of the scan subject.
  • Improved measurement landmark positions for consistent measurements.

Styku Cloud

  • Improved background sync with cloud servers. ​ 

Complete List of Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where Basic body fat value was showing even though Phoenix is set to Advanced
  • Fixed issue creating progress report
  • Fixed issue supporting email addresses that are case-sensitive 
  • Fixed intermittent registration or meshing error in S100X scans
  • Fixed issue where S100X scans are taking 7 minutes to register
  • Fixed issue with PIN code becoming invalid after software update
  • Fixed occasional image obfuscation issue
  • Fixed server-side scan snapshot orientation issue
  • Fixed issue with settings.cfg file corrupting when sensor power settings modified
  • Fixed incorrectly configured sensor presets
  • Fixed crash when canceling scan
  • Fixed image ghosting on New Scan immediately following a scan that would start the scan pipeline
  • Fixed issue detecting Intel Realsense sensor on first entering scan pipeline
  • Fixed SCP overflow errors with Realsense camera after hardware reset
  • Fixed issue with summary reports in S100X scans
  • Fixed issue when body composition model is set, where it is reset back to default
  • Fixed issue preventing an edited profile from updating if ethnicity is not set
  • Fixed turntable doing a full rotation on reset instead of rotating the opposite direction
  • Slowed down start scan when person is detected on the turntable
  • Fixed issue with scanning in progress progress bar not completing before scan ends
  • Added auto-reset when sensor is not detected in full speed mode
  • Added firmware check and auto-update for Intel Realsense sensor