What's new in version 4.1?

Styku version 4.1 contains many new features and big fixes. Read on to see the new features in Styku version 4.1

Privacy and Security

  • Administrator Account Setup - We now ask all Styku scanner owners to create an administrator account to use in the software. The administrator has access to additional settings that basic users do not have access to, and can turn on or off additional security controls.
    ○ You will be asked to create an administrator account the next time you launch the application after the 4.1 release update.
Create admin account

  • Privacy Controls - ​​Security is a focus of the 4.1 software release. We are introducing several features to improve the security of user data in the software, and to prevent unauthorized access.
    ○ Administrator account now protects sensitive settings.
    ○ Introduced an optional PIN code for staff to use to load customer profiles, to
    prevent unauthorized access.
    ○ All profiles are now hidden by default in the Open and Choose Existing Profile
    ○ Profiles will now be automatically closed after a period of inactivity. There are
    new settings for choosing how long to be idle before the profile is closed.
Create Security Pin


  • New Look and Feel - ​​We have standardized the look of the software to be more consistent, and to make it easy to read and to find the tools you need.
    ○ Settings pages are completely redesigned to be cleaner, more informative and easier to use.
    ○ Settings are now split into two tabs - general, and advanced. Advanced settings are locked and require an administrator to log in to the software to change.
    ○ Many of the windows and pages of the software have now been standardized for a simpler look and feel.
Screenshot (4)-1
  • Learn More Option - ​​Sprinkled throughout the software is a new Learn More button or ? icon that will display instructions and additional information about the setting/feature.

Styku AI

  • New Predictive Body Composition AI - BodyComp.AI - ​​The 4.1 release introduces significant changes to our body composition prediction. We will be offering two main models for body composition in 4.1 :
    ○ “Advanced” three-compartment model that will predict Fat, Lean and Bone mass based on DEXA data, and a
    ○ “Basic” 2-compartment model that will predict fat and non-fat mass based on BIA data from SECA devices.
    ○ The previous body composition model will be retired and will no longer be used. All scans will be updated to use the new algorithms. Scan reports will be re-generated on demand.
  • Manual Body Fat % Option - ​​We have introduced a custom body fat % option. If you have another body composition device whose values you would prefer to use instead of Styku’s body composition predictions, you can enable this setting. When someone is scanned, they will be asked to optionally enter in a body fat % value from the other device, which will be used instead of the Styku value in the Measurements tab, Fitness module and the reports. This feature has the benefit of both providing a more seamless experience for those that have other devices they trust, and has the added benefit of improving BodyComp.AI over time through Machine Learning.

Member Experience

  • Profile Enhancement - ​​We are asking a few new questions to Styku users after they perform a scan. The answers to these questions allow us to continuously improve our prediction models and provide more insights and biometrics.
    ○ All customers will be asked to answer additional questions after scanning about their ethnicity and birth country, in addition to height, weight and birthdate
    ○ Customers will now be asked to enter their birthdate instead of their age. This allows us to update their age on future scans correctly.
  • Audio Instructions When Scanning -​​By default, now, the computer will audibly “speak” audio instructions when performing a scan (English only).
  • New Summary Report Auto-Send Feature - ​​You now have the option, turned on by default, to auto-send a shorter version of the scan report (called a Summary Report) to the Styku user immediately after scanning them, without having to press any buttons or go through any menus.
  • New Progress Report Pages -​​We have added some new pages to the Progress Report
    ○ We have added a measurement cross-section page to the Progress Report, showing progress in the body’s shape with before/after overlays of the cross-sections.
    ○ New body composition pages have been added to the Progress Report, showing progress in Body Fat %, Lean Mass %, Bone Mass % (with the 3-compartment model), as well as changes to Body Fat Ranking and Total Weight.
Example Styku - Progress Report cross section

  • Measurement Validation Improvements -The Measurement Validation feature locates measurements that have an issue due to improper clothing or hair in the way of the measurement, and flags the measurements, using a predicted value instead.There is now an option to turn Measurement Validation on or off in settings.We now display invalid measurements in the viewport instead of hiding them, with an icon showing that they may have an issue.
  • Edit Scan Info Feature - Styku operators can now edit the height, weight and optionally add a custom body fat % value to a scan, for the cases when these values were input incorrectly.
  • Auto-Reset Turntable - Introducing auto-reset turntable. Now the turntable will reset it self.


  • Screensaver - when the computer is not in use. You can turn on a “screensaver” mode that displays one of the following: Rotating before-and-after scans when the system is idlePlay a Styku marketing video on a loop (Audio in English, with *localized subtitles).
  • Demo Scan Option - It’s now possible to scan someone without entering in any personal information, for demo or show-and-tell purposes. The scan will NOT be saved after it’s closed. This is a feature that’s great for club tours and other demos where you don’t need to save the scan, but want to show off the technology.

Complete List of Changes and bug fixes

  • Auto-reset turntable position feature and setting for S100 scanners only - will reset after scan processing, or if scan is canceled.
  • Setting to calibrate auto-reset turntable position. Can set a + or - offset to adjust the reset value
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent auto-reset turntable position if body tracking was lost
  • Fixed timing bugs that prevented auto-reset turnable position to function properly
  • Feature - UI will only reflect the scanner last used by the computer. S400 features and settings will not appear if S400 is not connected or used by the computer. Defaults to S100 UI.
  • Setting to enable display of all scanner UI, for cases where S400 settings need to be set
  • New admin accounts feature and admin onboarding pipeline. On launch of update, existing users will be asked to create an admin account to manage settings for this scanner. New customers will be able to create accounts using the admin onboarding pipeline instead of having to go to our website.
  • Settings UI overhaul. Complete redesign of our Tools window into a Settings view with categories and pages. Some settings are now restricted and require a log in by the administrator to be set.
  • New Tools menu for functional tools like weight calibration, align turntable manually, and set up your scanner hardware.
  • Fixed bug that would not properly detect the Kinect sensor during hardware set up pipeline if an S400 scanner had been connected previously.
  • On launch of the software, if power settings are not set to be high performance, user will be asked the power settings will be changed automatically.
  • New scan pipeline changes - customers who have been scanned will be asked additional questions in order to deliver better results to them.
  • Privacy policy - all customers will now be presented with the privacy policy and must accept in order to complete a scan.
  • Terms of use - all Styku users will be presented with our terms of use while completing their onboarding as administrators of the scanner.
  • Demo scans - users can optionally do a demo scan instead of entering profile information in order to try out the scanner - demo scans are not saved, and will not be stored once the scan is closed.
  • Birth date now used instead of age for scan profiles
  • Summary report - a new report type has been added, which is a shorter version of the scan report. Only 4 pages, it can be created quickly. It has images, measurements, posture and the first page of the fitness tab in it showing body fat % and rankings.
  • Auto-send summary report feature - at the end of a scan, a summary report will automatically be sent to the customer by email. This can be turned off in settings.
  • Fixed a bug in moving measurements where it would not allow measurements to be moved.
  • New progress report changes - The progress report has been improved and new pages have been added, including a cross-section page showing 6 major measurements as overlays.
  • Body fat % values and weight change have been added as pages in the report
  • Option to choose progress report pages - you can now decide which pages you want to include in progress reports, like you can with scan reports.
  • Set default pages in reports - new settings allow you to choose which pages to include in reports, and those pages will be selected by default when you generate a report.
  • Body composition overhaul - we’ve completely redesigned the body composition system in the software. You can now choose between an advanced and a basic model, the advanced being calibrated to DEXA, and the basic calibrated to SECA BIA. Advanced body composition prediction model includes additional composition metrics, including fat mass, lean mass, VAT/SAT mass in the abdominal region, bone mass, android and gynoid fat mass.Basic body composition model includes fat and fat-free mass
  • Set a custom body composition value - optionally, you can choose a default device you want to use for body composition and enter the values from that device into the software. The software will use those values instead of the Styku predictions for those scans.
  • Vanity offset for body fat % - If you want, you can choose a custom value to offset the body fat % values by, if you feel Styku’s values are too high or too low.
  • Set a pin code on the Open Profile option in the software to protect customers’ data. Only staff with the pin code can load scans. This does not prevent people from creating new scans.
  • The software will now by default play audio instructions from the scanning computer when a scan is performed. You can turn this off in settings. Audio instructions only play in English.
  • There is now a setting to disable the weight scale feature of the turntable, if needed, or if you don’t want to use it.
  • Measurement validation feature now has a setting and can be turned off.Measurement validation now shows all measurements instead of hiding invalid measurements, but shows invalid measurements with an icon and a different color
  • Scan profiles are now hidden by default for all scanners. Previously this setting only applied to the S400 scanner.
  • Auto-log out feature to log out of profiles after a period of inactivity now has settings to set the auto-log-out time, and to choose whether or not to auto-log out.
  • You can now edit scan information in addition to profile information, to correct bad weights or heights, or to add a custom body fat % value.
  • You can now select multiple profiles to delete instead of having to select them individually
  • Moved the edit and delete profile options into their own settings, out of the Open Profile dialog.
  • New marketing settings are available - when the software detects that it is idle, it can play a marketing video on the scanning computer, or load example scans and rotate them on screen automatically.
  • There is also a setting to choose which example profile to use.
  • You can now click on the breadcrumb links in the load file menu to more easily navigate through folders on your computer when setting a logo for reports, or saving reports to the computer.
  • Scan button has been removed from the main viewer section of the software. To scan, use the Scan button from the home screen with the Styku logo. To create profile information ahead of time, there’s a setting for Create a profile in the Settings menu.
  • Fixed bug where weight scale calibration was not showing the final recorded weight from the weight scale before applying offset value.
  • Fixed issue where unicode font was not included with software update and had to be manually installed
  • New date format setting for internationalization of date.
  • Updated installer to include new turntable driversUpdated installer to create shortcuts to our help page and our ‘getting started’ page on the desktop
  • Adjusted body fat % ACE scale to work better for Advanced body composition values
  • video that plays when system is idle is a marketing video for Styku instead of the how-to-scan videoParts of the software now link to www.styku.com/research, which explains our methods for deriving body composition predictions from circumference measurements.
  • S400 body circumferences have been calibrated to line up better with S100 scanner body measurements.
  • Fixed an issue with measurement validation where measurements that were valid were being flagged as invalid.New languages.
  • We have added a new language, French (Quebec)

Known Issues in 4.1

  • Email addresses using capitalization that are case-sensitive are still not supported. Reports sent to these email addresses will not be received.
  • It is possible to edit profile email to be the same as another profile - profile emails are not required to be unique.
  • It is not possible to move scans from one profile to another.
  • It is no longer possible to edit the name of custom measurements.