Styku Version "OSK" Notes

Styku version, dubbed "OSK", is releasing after May 8, 2023. This software version includes a new feature, and some bug fixes.

Download Styku version here

New Features

On-Screen Keyboard

This update includes a new on-screen keyboard feature. When the update launches for the first time, customers are asked to choose whether to enable the on-screen keyboard. If enabled, a keyboard will appear and the application window will be resized, when the user needs to type in to the software.

The keyboard can also be enabled or disabled using the Tools menu, or in the Styku Hardware section of settings.

There is a new keyboard button in the upper-right corner of most windows that can be used to open the on-screen keyboard as well.


Corrected issue with Upper Thigh measurements

Users had noted an intermittent issue with the Upper Thigh measurements, affecting measurement precision. This issue has been fixed. Note that this fix affects all scans, and they will be re-measured when opened in the Styku software. 

Data in PDF scan reports may not match data in the software, after this update. Re-output the reports to bring them in line with the latest measurements.

Other Fixes

  • Fixes to background data uploader to improve reliability
  • Fixed a bug that caused Net Progress measurement values to be grossly incorrect when the Edit Measurements feature was used.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Edit Measurements adjustments not to save when a scan was closed
  • Fixes to frame data capture to correct a rare issue when processing scan data.