My s100 scan screen is laggy.

When I am trying to do a scan, the image of a person is not running in real time.

1. Ensure the computer is set to high performance mode

a) On the bottom right. Right click the battery icon

Battery Icon

b) Click "Power Options"

Select Power Options

c) Click high performance

High Performance

2. Check for Windows Updates

a) Click the Windows icon.

Windows Icon

b) Click "settings" (gear icon)

Setting (Gear Icon)

c) Click "Update & Security

Update and Security

d) Click "Check for Updates"

Check for Updates

e) Download and install updates as needed

f) reboot computer if needed, this may take some time

3. Turn off registration during scanning (4.1 and above)

a) On the home screen press the settings button

Screenshot (16)-1

b) Press the "scanner hardware" button

Screenshot (17)-1

c) Click the advanced button. Enter in your email and password

d) Click the "Process Data while scanning button."

Screenshot (18)-1

e) It should turn off

Screenshot (19)-1