My S400 system is getting stuck on step 3 of setup.

This most likely means the S400 tower is not connecting to the internet properly. To reconnect to the internet try the following steps:

1. Close the Styku application

2. Reboot the S400 tower by unplugging the power, then plug back in after 10 seconds

3. Once the light at the top of tower turns back on attempt to press the setup button

4. If the system continues to get stuck on step 3 continue reading

If you have a wireless connection and are unable to continue through the setup process try the following:

1. Put the tower into hotspot mode. Do this by disconnecting both USB connections under the vent

2. You should hear a chime and the red light at the top should start blinking once it goes into hotspot. You should also notice a new wireless network comes up called StykuOpen

3. Try pressing setup again. It should connect automatically

4. If unable to connect please contact Styku support

If you have a wired connection try the following:

1. Unplug the ethernet cable from the back of the tower

2. After 10 seconds plug it back in

3. After plugged in for about 15 seconds press the setup button

4. If it doesn't complete the setup process please contact Styku support