My S400 scanner is stuck on step 1

To resolve this bug until it is fixed in the next update please perform the following:

1: Close the application

2. Click the folder Icon on the tool bar

1. Desktop

3. Click this PC and double click OS (C:)

2.this PC

4. Click users

3. users

5. Click Styku (Golds3D if a Gold’s Gym location)

4. Styku (Gold_s 3D)

6. In the address bar add /appdata and press enter

5. appdata

7. Click local

6. Local

8. Click Styku

7. Styku

9. Click Settings and open with notepad

8. settings

10. Pres ctrl + F and in the search bar search for ethernet

9. search for ethernet

11. Delete the numbers after = for “mServerEthernetIpAddress=” and “mFitAppCommandClientAddress1=”

10. delete ethernet

12. Once deleted, press file and save. Close the notepad by clicking the x on the top right.

12. close and save

13. Open Styku and press setup