My S400 scanner is stuck on step 1, how do I fix it?

Read below to learn how to erase a setting if your S400 scanner is stuck at Step 1 of the setup process.

Important Note: This issue occurs in Styku version 4.0. It is resolved in version 4.1. We recommend that you update your system to version 4.1. Contact Styku for assistance upgrading your S400 scanner.

Step 1 : Close the Styku software.

Step 2 : Open the File Explorer by pressing on the folder icon on the Windows tool bar.

1. Desktop

Step 3 : Choose "This PC" on the left bar, and double click on "OS (C:)" to open that folder.

2.this PC

Step 4 : Choose the Users folder.

3. users

Step 5 : Choose the folder for your user account (example, Styku, or Golds3D)

4. Styku (Gold_s 3D)

Step 6 : click on the address bar, and add /appdata to the end of the address. Then press Enter.

5. appdata

Step 7 : Choose the Local folder.

6. Local

Step 8 : Choose the Styku folder.

7. Styku

Step 9 : Double-click the Settings file, and choose to open it with Notepad.

8. settings

Step 10 : Press ctrl + F and in the search box search for the word ethernet.

9. search for ethernet

Step 11 : Find the settings named “mServerEthernetIpAddress=” and “mFitAppCommandClientAddress1=”, and delete the numbers after the = sign for both of those settings.

10. delete ethernet

Step 12 : Close the file by clicking the X in the top right corner. When asked to save the file, choose Save.

12. close and save

Step 13 : Open the Styku software and press the Setup button. The scanner should connect to the tower.