Instead of seeing one body fat %, I see several, with names like BIA and DEXA. How do I turn this off?

Styku has a few different body composition models in the software, and there's a setting to show or hide them all. Read below to learn how to show only your chosen body fat %, instead of all of them.

Step 1 : Press the Settings button to open the Settings menu.

Settings Tab

Step 2 : Choose the Styku AI option.

Screenshot (25)

Step 3 : Press the Advanced tab.

Screenshot (26)-1

Step 4 : Put in your credentials to log in to your administrator account.

Screenshot (27)-2

Step 5 : Press the button next to the option, "Display All Body Composition values" to toggle the feature on or off. The button will turn red when on, and grey when off.

Screenshot (29)-1