How can I use the previous 4.0 version of the body fat algorithm in the 4.1 Styku software?

In case you need more transition time to use the new body fat models, you can switch to the version 4.0 body fat algorithm. Continue reading to view how to do this.

Step 1: Press the Settings button to open the Settings menu.

Settings Tab

Step 2: Choose the "Measurements and Units" option.

Screenshot (73)

Step 3: Press the Advanced tab.

Screenshot (74)

Step 4: Log in using your administrator account.

Screenshot (75)

Step 5: Choose the "Default Measurements" option.

Screenshot (76)

Step 6: Choose the "Wellness 4.0 (34.0.0:24.0.0) option to highlight it and select it.

Screenshot (77)

Step 7: Press the "Set Default" button once it is selected.

Screenshot (78)

Step 8: Reload scans to have them measure using this algorithm.

Learn how to open scans into the software here

Step 9: If you wish to switch back follow the same steps but select "Wellness (34.0.0:17.0.0) instead.