How do I delete a scan?

You can delete scans that you don't want to keep in a customer's profile. Learn how below.

Step 1 : Press the Settings button.

Screenshot (123) (1)

Step 2 : Scroll down and choose the "Customer Profiles and Scan Data" button. You will be asked to log in to open this menu.

Screenshot (7)-1

Step 3 : Choose the Delete Scans option.

Screenshot (8)-1

Step 4 : You can search for the profile by typing a name or email into the search box. Highlight the profile you want to edit and press Continue.

Screenshot (9)-1

Step 5 : Select the scan you wish to delete, then press the delete button.

Screenshot (10)

Step 6 : Confirm the deletion by pressing yes when you receive the confirmation.

Screenshot (11)