How can I see progress measurements and send a progress report using some, but not all scans in a scan profile?

Read below to learn how to choose which scans to include in a Styku progress report, and how to display progress for only loaded scans in the Trends view of the Styku software.

Step 1 : Press the Settings button to open the Settings Menu.

Screenshot (16)-1

Step 2 : Scroll down and choose the Reports and Sharing option.

Screenshot (178) (1)

Step 3 : Press the Advanced tab at the top of the window.

Screenshot (179)

Step 4 : Enter your administrator credentials to log into the software.

Screenshot (175)

Step 5 : Press the switch next to the Progress Restriction option to enable the feature. The switch will turn red when the feature is turned on.

Screenshot (180)

Step 6 : You can now close the Settings window. Open a profile and choose some, but not all, scans in the profile. When you open the Trends view or create a Progress Report, only the loaded scans will be used.