Can I use USB extension cables with my Styku scanner?

You can use USB extension cables to increase the distance between your scanner hardware and the scanning computer, if you use the approved extension cable.

The Styku scanner needs a high-bandwidth, active, USB 3.1 extension cable to work properly.

Important Note: Off-the-shelf extension cables you can buy from a local retailer, or online, do not give stable results, and will cause performance issues. Styku does not recommend using any extension cable other than the approved extension cable.

Styku has tested the Newnex FireNex active extension cable, and it does work to deliver stable, high-performance results with the Styku scanner. You can purchase this cable directly from Newnex here:

Buy a USB extension cable here

This cable works with both the Styku S100 and S100X sensor towers, and all models of Styku turntable. With this extension, you can increase the distance between the sensor tower and the computer from 2.1 meters to 7.1 meters (about 23 feet).